Do you use Usenet or have a Newsgroup account with binaries available?



With P2P coming under the legal crosshairs of late, people are apparently running back to Usenet, or probably discovering it for the first time. There is a conception of increased safety or anonymity that is possibly causing the rise in activity and the file sharing has increased at a dramatic rate on these services. We even can read of a service in the article below that actually boasts that they do not log what users are doing on their network.

You can read this interesting story from Wired here, in it they speak about a new development for file sharing that supposedly makes Usenet easier - NZP file software. It is designed to solve an old problem of locationg and downloading the scattered parts of a large Usenet file. The larger binaries have always needed to be broken into small bits, as there is a 10,000 line limit to a file. Then you had to gather them all up and merge them back together. A tedious and often frustrating process. Sometimes, you could even lack a single fraction of a file and it is useless until the binary is complete. Possibly you know something about this software and could share your thoughts on it. Especially in the aspect of how it compares with the more familiar P2P apps that everyone uses today.

Here is a quote from Wired that we used in our story today:

[I]But a recent open-source technology, the NZB file, solves this age-old problem. Developed by Usenet indexing site Newzbin, the XML file permits the automatic gathering of scattered parts of Usenet postings. NZB files are supported by most popular newsreaders, including NZBGet for Mac and Linux, and NewsBin Pro for PC. There are now also several dedicated alt.binaries.nzb newsgroups.

More dramatically, NZB allows web searches of files posted to Usenet, making Usenet almost as easy to use as eMule or Kazaa.

This new file format and the rise of commercial high-bandwidth Usenet services – such as NewsGroups and – are fueling the revival of Usenet. Pirates now are discovering, to their surprise, that the old newsgroup system, patched with modern technology, outperforms most other P2P networks. [/I]

Right now, I am using Comcast for a cable ISP. Interestingly, they have off-loaded the News Server duties to GigaNews and give all Comcast subscribers a “free” 2 gigabyte a month account. A quick check with Forte News Reader reveals a plethora of different types of binaries can be found on their servers. For instance, there are thousands of Mp3’s and they are all neatly catagorized by genre or decade or whatever.

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the thing that i love about is the thing were you can give bs name and even email address but then the down fall is that your ip is showen
there are way’s around the ip thing being showen to people that you download off with rev {i.e dont type the ip in to it}but then it still’s keeps the ip of what you downloaded and so on.
if someone can help me unstand this program called usenet i will try it.
because i dont want to get done i have more MP3’s and mp4’s then i can count.
{not that i dont buy the cd just some time’s i cant. money thing}


Nope, usenet absolutely, positively sucks donkey nuts. Not worth the time:)


Been using usenet for about 15-20 years and it still works. Usenet (and IRC) is like the energizer bunny, it just keeps going and going. For all these tech saavy p2p filetraders, it just shows how non-tech saavy they are.


I used to use a lot of newsgroup. Then I switched ISPs (to SBC YahooDSL) and SBC YahooDSL blocks a bunch of groups I go to (like the ones showing Binaries+multimedia, etc. etc.). The ones it does show SBC Yahoo blocks a bunch of files. If a certain group displays it contains 10000 files, you look in the group and you may only find 50. It’s not worth it for me.

sigh Newsgroups was so good…


I guess this guy never been exposed to the real newsgroup server yet. I download almost 30 gig a day off newsgroup server. Nothing come close to it, it is the best. SBC newsgroup is not even 1/10000 of the real newsgroup and this is the reason why I never sign up for DSL even the price for DSL is dirt cheap. What is the point of having fast internet connection when you dont have newsgroup access?? Newsgroup is the reason why I am on my computer a few hours a day.


I’ve downloaded stuff from newsgroups and it’s fairly simple to do.
However, all the unpacking, parring, checking and reconstructing of things takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore i quit using usenet a long time ago.


Ive only ever used it once before and it was a frusterating experience. The file I was trying to download was 200mb broken into into lots of smaller pieces. I had downloaded everything and one of the smaller pieces was always corrupt. Downloaded the same bit again and again but still corrupt. I gave up


Frankly, i am surprised that any ISP still offers binary newsgroups on their news servers. Why? Well, most of them have capped download and upload limits due to file sharing. So, why encourage traffic from binary newsgroups? Also, the binary usenet is a festering swamp of illegal material from mp3s to child porn. Why would any commercial entity want to associate itself with all of that? Plus there must be a lot of cost associated with maintaining news servers and policing traffic caps. I am anticipating that very soon some ISP will be successfully prosecuted for having child porn on their servers. Sure they didn’t put it there but they still have it. Here in Canada it is illegal to have it on your harddrive, even if you accidentally have it there and don’t know about it.

You learn more about binary newsgroups and downloading binaries from the usenet at:

which is a tutorial on using the binary newsgroups



Unfortunately your prediction about any ISP getting successfully prosecuted in Canada is a pipe dream, who’s going to allow government money to be used (wasted) to fight a long battle against internet providers (the cable and telephone companies in Canada). You think the internet providers will just give up without a fight, just go lie down and die? They’d probably spend a whack of money on the countries most powerful and best lawyer’s while Canadian tax payers are going to wonder if this isn’t another big waste of money and how long the friggin’ case is going to go on.

Usenet has gone on for a long long time, look it up on Wikipedia. Since when has someone been able to do something about it? They saw Bittorrent and they took down Suprnova. They saw Edonkey and they took down ShareReactor. What have they done about Usenet and IRC? JACK ALL.


You can use the par files (if available) to fix the bunch. Heck, you can even use par files to recover files you haven’t downloaded.


Started using newsgroups about 1 year ago, I will never consider using anything else. I pay $15 a month for access and use an indexing site to find what I want.

Always get full bandwidth and if anything is corrupted, the par2 files take care of it.

As far as the files being split up into multiple rar files… bittorrent in my experience was the same way.


Would you mind posting some of these indexing links so we can look at them and possibly see how they work?


newgroups rule…sure u have to pay for the best newsgroups, but trust me its worth it…in my expeirnce newgroups have lastest games/movies/ albums a little before torrents do, the speeds are hell of alot better also…


where/how can i get “newsgroup” :o ?

#16 - Never personally used - Never personally used -Paid Service (I subscribe, even had a stint as an editor) -Seems to be having problems. Never personally used - Paid Service. Never personally used
Those are the sites that I know of, there are probablyquite a few more.

There is also something called Supersearch. I know offers it for their paying customers and the Newsleecher program also offers it if you buy the package with SS. Don’t know much more about as I never use it.

Midcontinent Communications also off-loads their news server duties to Giganews but we get unlimited downloads, only bad thing is the connection to Giganews is capped at about 350 kilobytes per second.

Don’t ever let someone tell you Usenet is slow. Here is a picture of speed I achieve on a Midconet Max line, this is a home line mind you. Yes that is kilobytes per second.


I thought that it had been established that ISP’s couldn’t be sued for newsgroup content because of the huge number of newsgroup posts made every day meant it was impossible to police (this not only refers to warez but also discrimitory, libellous etc. posts).

Yes I use Usenet. Some ISP’s do still supply binary feeds but the file retention and completion generally aren’t great (partly dependent on your location). Paid for binaries tends not to be too expensive - I use Eurofeeds but it depends on where you are as to who is the best provider. Make sure you check with other users as to how good the completion and retention is as well as the maximum number of concurrent threads. (Some ISP’s throttle usenet on a per connection basis).

For downloading Grabit is popular. It’s free and supports NZB files.

As for locating files, a subscription to Newzbin costs around 5p (sterling) per week and you can download all the NZB files.

As for speeds I find it very fast. I can consistently download 2Mb ADSL line at ~230-240Kb/s. However, your speeds will be dependent on your ISP, your connection speeds and your Usenet provider.


I “bit the bullet” and registered with a “commercial” newsgroup provider at the end of October.

Indexing Links Used:
I look here for news on the latest releases:
Here to get an idea of quality:
Here to locate NZB Files:
NZBZone is awesome but busy - you may need to make a contribution to ensure access - well worth it though

This is a paying site - I don’t pay just look at th releases and use the others to locate NZB files

If I can’t locate a NZB file then:
allows me to directly search newsgroups for specific text (release group name, release title, etc) and create “bespoke” NZB file - extremely useful site.

To download the files I use Grabit
To verify the RAR/PAR files I use QuickPar
To unRAR I use WinRAR

The whole process is painless with downloads maxing out my 3mB connection (Well over 1gB per hour) imagine downloading the equivalent of 6 DVD5 movies a day - nothing compares.

I’ve been a member of one of the best torrent sites for over a year now (closed so “relatively” safe) and even this doesn’t come close - 0 day releases mean 0 day gets.

As a final accolade - the grandkids are now e-mailing search lists!!

The only downside so far - 400gB of hard drives need archiving a lot more frequently.

Edit Post - I’m on unlimited downloads for $17.99 a month - 50 days retention (files are kept on the servers for 50 days). The service is fantastic, not one outage in a month of continuous downloading - NEWSDEMON is the name - but don’t all rush at once, I would hate for the service to become overloaded. :sad:


Newzbin have reduced their subscription charges at the moment.


stop talking about newsgroups & only talk about p2p
you don’t know who is reading these posts
anyway you can’t get any thing on newsgroups & they will destroy you’r computer honest :wink: :bigsmile: