Do you use CloneCD v3 or v4

Which version of CLonecd do you use. i started using , v.4, it looks nice and all, but i prefere to choose my options my self [i normally read/write at different speeds] - i so i went back to v3.
(i was always editing the profiles every time i read/wrote a cd)

I use v4, but I liked v3’s interface much better.

you can do it in v4 too… just right click on profile or burner-

Hey you guys as long as its clone its :cool:

v1,2,3 and 4 :cool:

Neither one anymore, both my trial periods ran out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using V3, I just prefer the interface

I use v4. It is much simpler. As for the customizations that were available in v3, they are still there only not as clearly seen. Plus, if you use Clony it becomes even easier to use because you dont have to edit the profiles every time.

I started with ver 3 and loved having so much control over the settings.

With ver 4, I just edited the existing profiles and saved them for my use.

The existing ver 4 profiles are very good, but I have a few tweaks of my own…

do you still use Win98 because xp’s interface is different ?
Thats the same with ccd
Gräfdig Gloner

you who?

if me, i am using win 98.

Post the differences please :slight_smile:

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can version 3 still be downloaded from anywhere?

not from the official page, but u can search for an unofficial host site from etc.

Originally posted by zombi
can version 3 still be downloaded from anywhere?

You can download most ALL CloneCD versions here.