Do you update Nero every month?



It seems that Nero is updated almost every month.



I usually wait 4-5 days after the update comes out to get it.

Why do I wait 4-5 days? Because I usually can’t get more than 20-25kb/s download speed from Nero. After a few days torrents start popping up with the new version and I can download it in minutes instead of an hour. You also get to hear if there are any problems with the new version.


I find an update that works good for a while then I stick with it until I feel froggy enough to try a newer version.If it fails or there are bugs,I go back to a reliable version.


heck … i like new versions … :slight_smile:


I don’t update very often. Maybe check ever 4 to 6 months unless I see a particularly good update comes out or something. The last new update I got and had some problems with the new Nero Vision Express 3. I eventually just went back to VE2 because it always works great for me.


I think about upgrading every month, but bailed out of the last few 6.6 ones - still at the “maybe the next one will be ok” stage on that.

Back in the 5.5 days, I even used a mixed version, as the wave editor was broken in some updates, at least in Win98 - after finding which files needed swapping, I’d throw the next update in, and then if that didn’t bring it back, remix again!


I’m upgrading every month at the moment - but only because I’m hoping every new version is fixing more bugs than it’s introducing.


if aint broke, hope it stays that way and dont install 15 myriad updates.
just my 0.02cents :smiley:



Depends if it improves what i need


As with most software, I upgrade when a new verion comes out, sometimes I miss a version if there is nothing much new.

Ben :slight_smile:


i don’t update unless necessary anymore, not worth screwing with my films.

It’s a work habit, i administer Solaris boxes, too frequent updating of so many different things and you make problems/ make problems worse when they happen. :rolleyes: