Do you trust your burner?

I’ve had a NEC ND-1300A burner for a bit over half a year and I’ve been burning mostly cheap media (Princo :p) with it. Haven’t had a single write error, but several discs have failed during the verification phase.

Now I’ve gotten a Plextor PX-712A with some decent media (Verbatim 4x, MCC02) that can burn pretty well at 8x, but I stick to 6x for better results. Since for some reason the burner switches to 2x CLV read mode after the verification phase (and has to be manually set back to default with PlexTools) I’ve been thinking about skipping the verification.

I’m a bit curious what everyone else do though… do you verify your discs after burning them? Or do you trust your burner and media?

I’ve verified every one of my burns simply because I’m paranoid and am backing up important data. My discs have never failed verification, though.

But for me, the verification process goes pretty quickly, because prior to the burn, I get a md5sum of the data being burned, so that I can have that on record and verify that data at a later date. This allows me to verify my data on my combo drive (or more recently, my DVD-ROM drive… both of which read my discs at 16x) by doing a md5sum of the data on the disc and comparing it.

I’ll trust my burner if it has produced one or two good discs (I check with KProbe, you can check with PlexTools) from the media batch that I’m using, and once I know that this particular media batch is non-defective and that my burner likes it, I think that it’d warrant my trust. But I still verify because, well, I’m paranoid. :wink: