Do you think we'll ever see Freeze Ray discs reach consumer market?



Hi. Freeze Ray is Panasonic’s project. I think it should be launched this year and it should serve as a professional storage medium. I’m guessing corporations.

Facebook is currently using 100GB Blu ray discs as a part of their Cold Storage. They have 10000 discs per server rack. And later this year they should start implementing Freeze ray discs which hold 300GB. Data retention is predicted to be 100 years for these new discs.
Freeze ray is planned to be boosted up to 1TB per disc in the future.

Now, my question is: Do you expect this new optical disc format to ever reach consumer market?

I don’t see a reason not to. I already use 100GB Blu rays for backup since they’re not that expensive any more. I know that if you look on Amazon you’ll still see ridiculous prices like 25 USD per disc but they actually cost as much as three times less if you can get a good deal.

Am I one of few who still sees optical media as a much better alternative to hard discs for long term archival?
I’m thinking that if any new optical format ever reaches consumer market, burners will stay very expensive as the demand will be lower than ever. Maybe they will become a new tape drive in the world of optical media.


I hope we do but I do not believe that there will be sufficient demand from the consumer market. It could turn out to be the case that media is relatively cheap whilst the drives are very expensive and hard to come by. This certainly is the case with tape media in the consumer market.

I am glad that Panasonic is behind manufacturing the disks which to me indicates that they won’t end production of their BD-R media anytime soon, regardless of consumer demand.


Are you suggesting that someone else actually plans to end their production of bd-r media?

I also read that Sony has their own version - 300GB Archival disc. This may be the same product, only different branding. I haven’t been able to find more info about these disc types. But it could be that these discs are a joint project of Panasonic and Sony and that they only have different branding.
Sony has also been making something similar to a tape drive but in the world of optical media.
It’s crazy expensive (8000 USD) and takes cartidges loaded with professional grade blu ray discs.