Do You think there are too many polls in the livingroom?

And do YOU feel like making one right now ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve more than once asked the same question.

What a stupid question!
That’s not suggesting the person that wrote it is stupid, just the question itself.
Or perhaps it was just written in a profoundly stupid way.

You can never have enough polls!

I’ve never met anyone that had been polled to death … Of course, I’m a little tall to be a medium.

I demand less polls! Or more opportunity to participate in them :stuck_out_tongue:

We should have more polls with no options.

Now there’s a funny poll at last …

No reason in checking the second box…BANNED …ha ha ha ha …lmao thats sooo freaking hot!! DOMI your AWESOME insert the I’m not worthy emote here
and I love Mr B’s polls…


I thought You were hot ? :bow:

Oops, I forgot that the FlyingDuckMan is a clone of Premium who has been banned. So I guess it would be very consistent in banning Mr DuckMan as well (they share the same IP adress and writing style).