Do you think that this is a good deal on taiyo yudens?

Never heard of, but a lot of us tend to use SVP.

They sell unbranded TY 8x -Rs in packs of 100, for the same price:

Of the two, I’d pick the SVP one…mainly because their service is excellent, and I’ve dealt with them many times before.

It’s the same as you’d get them from SVP. Not a bad deal from either.

Edit: Arachne beat me to it.

Cheers :slight_smile:

so are these classed as branded then Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printables DVD-R as they cost £10 more than the linked unbranded and if so is there much difference in quality u think, i mean would they be as good as say vertabin or maxwell TY etc, thx

Maxwell :confused: I sincerely hope that you mean Maxell. I really like TY - you’ll do well with any unbranded TY from SVP, and the Plextor & Verbatim ones aswell.

Heh. Maxwell is a common mistake that I see on multiple forums. Each time I see it I give people hell about it. :lol: Seriously though, I have to agree that I would be better to go with SVP since there are quite a few people who have dealt with them and you know that they aren’t just going to take your money and run. Not saying this site is a scam but for the same price I would play it safe.

I hope you aren’t trying to roast Maxwell coffee in your burners, it will void warranty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially considering that there is a huge amount of fake TYG02 floating around at the moment, while Taiyo Yuden is migrating to TYG03/YUDEN000 T03 production.

thx guys but is Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printables DVD-R classed as branded then ? as there £10 more than the TY unbranded what is the actual difference.

One is printable using an inkjet printer that has the ability to print on discs the other needs a thermal printer. I think, though I am not totally sure, unbranded would be our version of the value line that is available in the US.

I bought these ones from SVP to try before going over to the 100 quantities If you don’t ant to spend £30 trying I would say go for this one first.

so jay u went over to the 100 injet printable TY for 39.99 Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printables DVD-R correct as the cheaper £30 need thermal printer.

Not yet, I bouth the ones I linked to try before I think about buying in larger quantities. If all you are going to do it write on them the printable surface is not needed and so the cheeper ones would be good enough. I have an R220 so printing on them is an option for me and so printables are all I buy.

I am used to Verbs, so I need to check that TYs will work in the number of different players that are avaialable to me.

:disagree: :disagree: US “value line” TY is end of line and B grade Taiyo Yuden media. Plain shiny silver thremal printable (A Grade) is available in the US and is sold as such.

As far as I know, the value line stuff is not available in the UK. All the plain topped stuff from SVP and others is genuine, A grade OEM Taiyo Yuden.

It would be great if Value Line was available here, at a good price; say £20 per 100. Results from some scans I’ve seen show little difference to premium stuff. There have been more problems reported with die anomolies and dust/contaminates on the Value discs though.

Hence why I started the line you quoted with “I think…” meaning I was not totally sure.

I wasn’t having a dig [B]JayC[/B], just clarifying your point. I was aware f the context you were speaking in. :flower:

Edit: I just used the Quote Post button and looking at my post, I did trim the quote down a little too much! :o

I don’t understand your question, Taiyo Yuden discs don’t come under their own “Taiyo Yuden” brand, this doesn’t exist. “Branded” Taiyo Yuden is third-party branded, by Verbatim, Plextor, TDK, Fuji…

The only exception is in some countries (mainly Japan), where Taiyo Yuden has its own brand, which is “[I]That’s[/I]”.

All online stores advertising the “Taiyo Yuden brand” are referring to unbranded Taiyo Yuden discs. I understand you confusion. :doh:

I think that in the USA, the unbranded are cheaper than the third-party branded discs, so people buy more unbraned but in Europe it’s the other way round, so personally I only buy Plextor-branded or Verbatim-branded TY discs. :wink: - this does not mean that the unbranded are less good, not at all :disagree:

thx for reply thats what i dont understand really here, they sale
Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printables DVD-R £39.99 and

Taiyo Yuden (8x) Unbranded DVD-R £29.99 , that makes me think the top ones are branded.

paul the only brand name made by TY itself is “That’s” media. Other brands like Verbatim and Panasonic to name two use TY produced discs, like the one I linked to. Think of the ones at SVP as the supermarkets own brand choccy digestives as opposed to the McVities, taste the same just different prices.

What do you need? Do you need a disc that can be printed on with a inkjet printer like the R220? If not go for the ones without the printable surface, the £29.99 ones, and use a cd marker to write on them. Both come highly recommended, just bite the buillet and buy some that fit your needs, don’t worry too much about the labelling of the things as that is a whole different thing altogether.


Jay’s got it spot on IMO…I use the unbranded (shiny silver) TYs, and write on them with a CDR pen (or Sharpie)…they’re very good, a scan can be seen here. :slight_smile:

thx guys and wow very nice scan m8

ah just noticed thats cd media, but i think the TY dvds should perform ok as well.