Do you think pro athletes should ride motorcycles?

I won’t lie… I love to ride. But I’m not a pro athlete, and I don’t have a team (or pay check) relying on my ability to punch someone, throw a football, kick a soccer ball, pass a hockey puck, etc. etc.

A pro MMA fighter is the latest to get hurt in a motorcycle accident, and apparently he’s now in a coma.

If you owned a sports team or a boxing/MMA organization, would you let your athletes ride a motorcycle?

It should be your choice, but understand what the consequences could be for those actions.


I think everyone should be able to ride if they want to.

If an owner of a sports team says “No Riding” then the athlete should take of sky diving, bungee jumping and bull fighting until the owner says enough, enough, you can ride.

its definately up to them…unless…they happen to have a clause in thier contract not to. Many athletes are subject to no motorcycles, sky diving, etc. in their contracts nowadays.

I have owned 3 motorcycles. I worked for a Yamaha dealership for 3 years as a parts manager and had a “demo bike” that I wracked up even more miles on ( I still have my Yoshima modified CB400F and my 1983 GS750E Suzuki). I have approximately 250,000 miles on motorcycles. I got hurt at work. It could have been on a motorcycle but it wasn’t. I also got hit by a car while I was driving my MG. I broke 3 vertebrae in my neck and 2 in my lower spine… Some people should ride, some shouldn’t. It has nothing to do on you choice of career.
If you have greater responsibility (wife and family), I would say that is the primary consideration, but just because your an athlete, what the heck difference does that make. If you play Violin you may want to give up finger wrestling.