Do you think less of people…



when they have an opinion that you disagree with?

Not, like, doing something you don’t like, i.e murder or picking their nose. Just opinions – thoughts. They may act on them, but assume for the question that it’s all in your and their heads.

This can be as simple as them liking a food you don’t. Do you think less of their character/person because of this? Probably not. It’s just food.

Or it could be something more serious, like a political or religious difference. Saw you’re a liberal, and someone else thinks conservative political ideals are better. Or, you’re an atheist and someone else is religious. Do you think less of them because of these differences?

Or it could be something that has ever greater impact, like someone thinking that black people are lazy, shiftless criminals or nuclear war is a good idea, and you disagree.

Where do you draw the line? Why? Is there even a line to be drawn? How is your opinion of them influenced by their opinions? Conversely, is your opinion of people changed if they have opinions that agree with yours? Why do you think this is? Is it a good thing?


Anyone who wont enjoy a Guiness is suspect.:smiley:


Depends on my mood


I tend to like people who are able to intelligently discuss and defend their opinions…often don´t mind if their opinion is different. If they are able to discuss things rationally, then they are also able to change their minds.
That for me is a key…if they have closed minds means I probably won´t think very highly of them.


Completely agree with the above. Well put, Deano :iagree:


I derive great comfort and a sense of satisfaction from picking my nose at times. I wouldn’t rank it with murder.


I don’t usually think less of people when they have an opinion that you disagree with.
But whenever I notice that it’s sheer simplemindedness, I do. :slight_smile:

(I can’t stand people agreeing with Bush’s policy of abolishing human rights, you see…? Stuff like this makes me angry.)


I dislike people who have irrational, unresearched opinions and especially those who have a need to be right.

I really like people who have different opinions and have rational, researched views behind them. :slight_smile:

I can think of one particular person I know who has to be right all the time. This person contradicts me at every turn, even in situations where I have a lot more knowledge than (s)he does. It’s quite irritating and at times, quite laughable.


There is no policy of abolishing human rights. The only thing that is being abolished is accurate information. The phrase, “abolishing human rights” is a radical belief grounded in much propaganda. I’m sure I can find tons of crap about any world leader, but out of respect for the international nature of this forum I will abstain.


I tend to like people who are able to intelligently discuss and defend their opinions…often don´t mind if their opinion is different. If they are able to discuss things rationally, then they are also able to change their minds.
That for me is a key…if they have closed minds means I probably won´t think very highly of them.
Agree, agree completely. Seems I meet so many that are like that, so I just smile & walk away - why waste time trying to help/share when it is not wanted.

“A (closed) mind is a terrible thing to waste”


So, I take it your not opened minded about being closed minded… :stuck_out_tongue:


[I]“His mind was like a steel trap…a pity it was always shut”[/I] …something I remember hearing when I was about 8 years old.


yeah what he said…if you can rationally talk to me about your idea/opinion with out getting mad/defensive then sure i might even learn something new from the thought process…but those who just get mad and scream and really have no idea why they believe what they belive…just because someone said so…makes me see them as a lil dumb sheep who will follow anyone…


Baaaah! Humbug!

Many things don’t make sense to you. Many of those things make sense to other people.
Why? Because everyone has different experiences to reach their conclusions.

A closed mind will never change and their is no possibility to change, nor educate … which is why young people never want hang around old people.

Most elderly peoples mind closed years ago … my 80yr old grandmother thinks chinese people are dodgy and dirty … why? Because in Germany, in the 1930’s (where she is still living despite her physical locale in Oz) chinese people always came out after sunset & disappeared when the sun came up … and they were apparently, commonly homeless and often lived in the sewers and other dingy places.

I get the feeling there was alot of racial tension shortly before Hitler went on his rabid rampage. I’ve been dating a chinese girl for almost 4 years. My grandma looks at her funny and I was advised by my mother to tell her my partner was from Japan, where she spent 10 of the later years of her life. I doubt she’s ever met/seen a Japanese person and likely couldn’t tell the difference anyway, so I figure the odds are good that she’ll never realise the deception. And my GF looks like a generic nutcase anyway …

My mind is open on this matter however. She might wheedle it out one day :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking less of people because their opinion differs to yours suggests that perhaps your mind is less open than you believe, and that you’ve become the thing you despise the most.

Don’t criticize people for their opinion. Criticize people that don’t have any opinion … they’re they people that aren’t thinking.
Any valid stance/opinion is valid because it is based on reasons that can be openly declared and debated … and withstand the, usually loud, onslaught of closed minded opposition :wink:


Only when it’s related to football (soccer).
I despite people who root for “certain” team in which foreigners can’t play, and the fans are proud of it.


I think you’re reading too much into that :stuck_out_tongue: Some people like their team.

I hate all sports, but hell, it’s better than war, and gives the lower classes something to focus their inner rage at rather than eachother.


Do you think less of people…
Honestly, I think much less of people in general since I graduated college and had to start working for a living. That’s where it all became clear how petty and small most people really are.

… and I mean the overwhelming vast majority! Not just a few sprinkled about.


I prefer to use the term: “It’s blatantly obvious that 99% of the population is below average IQ” and if it wasn’t for the tiny percentage of super-intelligent holding the human race up, we’d still be swinging from the trees and licking our own crap off our fingers :stuck_out_tongue:


…but doing those two things at the same time takes real talent and coordination! :bigsmile:


We used to have tails. The way I see … the human race has actually gone backwards :stuck_out_tongue: