Do you think it's right that

Macdonalds should be using Rap/Pop artists to promote their Name in songs?
I’ve recently heard a couple of songs on the radio blatantly advertising Bigmac etc.etc. I think this is scandalous because it’s aimed at kids, and most kids are then influenced by what the so called starts are saying. :Z :Z

I don’t care.

Once they tasted it (Mac food :Z ), they should be cured.

Only because the word ‘bigmac’ can be used to rhyme with so many other things :smiley:

Is it used in another context? Like: “Why don’t you lick my Big Mac?”


Still trying to figure out how to respond…

Or “I´m gonna shoot da cop with my chicken mc nuggets”… :confused:

I get pissed off by blantant product placement in movies and TV (except Knight Tale’s - which was so ludicrous that it was actually funny). There is now way that so many people use Apple’s :stuck_out_tongue: .

If all it takes is a “popular” songs or gimmicks to effectively promote a bad product, then we have a far more serious problems. :eek:

All advertising is generally aimed at is either getting a name/brand to stick in your head, to get you to associate something with somebodies product or to get you to assign some sort of value to their product. Every bit of it should be ignored as noise.

Ever saw Will Smith’s I Robot? :slight_smile:

It is simply the pursuit of the dollar by any means available – par for the course in capitalism.

Businesses exist, primarily,to make money.