Do you think it is time to jump on LiteOn or still on BenQ?

Since the merger with LiteOn, what advantage that BenQ still offers on the new release models like in this page and also future models ?

As we know that both of them now and future will share the same hardware design, should I start to jump on the LiteOn bandwagon or still keep the faith that BenQ “firmware” still and will have the edge/advantage over LiteOn ?

Please share some of your thought or comment, tia.

IMO, it would be better to keep your choices open instead of just buying new BenQ (Lite-ON) models just because of the previous drives, BenQ is now just an ex-ODD manufacturer for me and Lite-ON is no direct replacement. Though if they announced new Nexperia based drives… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx for the comment TL0 and I’m sort of agree !

Yes, the world is not just about BenQ vs Lite-On, lot of options out there ! :smiley:

But for the sake of this discussion, lets keep this narrow scope in these two brands !

First of all, the link you posted is to a Lite-On designed drive, not a BenQ as we learned to know it.
Why? For me and I hope also for a majority on this forum, BenQ DVDRW’s has been synonym with BenQ designed drives holding Philips Nexperia chipset. And AFAICS the latest “BenQ” DW18** and DW20** are all Lite-On and MediaTek based drives.
That’s the reason why I don’t consider them as BenQ drives.

As per your topic question, if you can’t find a “pure” BenQ drive anymore go for a Philips one (also produced by Lite-On, but DVDR166*P1 series are still based on Nexperia). If you’r living in US, also check out this thread
No need to “jump” on Lite-On/ MediaTek bandwagon. There are many other (better?) drives out there from NEC, Samsung and LG

Bottomline; the next BenQ drive’s to get are BW1000/EW100G… :stuck_out_tongue:
Unfortunately, Santa Claus won’t bring me a Blu-Ray drive this year. :sad: