Do you suggest a Discjuggler or is it's primary usage limited to duplication stations

Does anyone uses and can suggest DiscJuggler for writing daily backups and occasional Video DVD’s? How good is it’s double layer support?

Operating system is Windows 7 64 bit.

During my half day evaluation Discjuggler 6 has crashed once.
Ar first glance, I also don’t like that it doesn’t support CD layout column sorting, by clicking onto column header, like supported in Explorer part. When content doesn’t fit to media, I always used to click first to this column header …

Yet I have been using Nero Light and later also CdBurner XP for most elementary tasks.

To my knowledge, DJ has not been updated for ages (maybe 4-5 years ago). No wonder it crashed with newer OS.

As good as a burning application it might have been, it is currently dead imho.

(edit: oh well, 2 months later, but hey I am rusty :stuck_out_tongue: )

Used to be one of my hardcore burning favorites as it could burn just about anything when all we had were CDRW disks to play with. Like said it has been dead a long time so maybe try Nero or one of the many free alternative out there.