Do you suffer from DMAS? DVD movie accumulation syndrome

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 From the heartland of America comes a strange story of addiction,           where a  man (presumably with a big screen TV) has lost control and let  the urge of impulse...
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Damn, only 400 DVDs? That’s not newsworthy! I have 600 to 700, with 80 or 90 % of those being anime, and probably only 10% have been opened. And they’re all totally legit! I’d have more, except that my spending outpaced my earning, and I decided paying off my debt was more important than keeping up with new releases, for a while. But I have no illusion that my collection is all that special. I’ve been in the apartments of other otakus who’ve got thousands of anime DVDs, nearly as many anime CDs, many hundreds of LDs, and thousands of volumes of manga. Also all legit and many which are much more expensive Japanese releases. Of course, nearly all of their’s have been opened, so that probably doesn’t qualify as competition for Mr. Willis. Actually, I buy lots of things I never have time to open, play, or watch. Like the last dozen PC games I bought, or my gamecube, which I never even took out of the box. However, my anime collection is a bit different, since most of those titles I’ve seen as fansubs.

It’s not an unusual story. I know a lot o perople doing this with all sort of things… I do have hundreds of DVDs but I watched them all at least one time. :B In very peculiar periods I ended up with 5 maybe even 8 titles packed but I watched them in a few weeks after. So what’s the matter? Someone collect stamps and someone collect dvds. You have only to watch on your money to not end up with loans to get some more dvds! :X

i think it’s a natural proces. collecting “things” is always a human nature. see how many people collect coca cola merchandise? the masses of mony invested can rice towards the 25000 € and more! a used to collect comics of spiderman, fantastic4 etc. Now i collect entire scfi tv series on dvd. start trek: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY babylon 5, farscape, and my collection still expands. And soo my mony consuption… but in time that will even stop also…:stuck_out_tongue:

There aren’t many good anime’s in my opinion. Last good one I saw was Jin-Roh. I would rather watch Looney Toons over those :B

this are the true cd freaks or just have some mental problems …

I have about 50 DVD’s and I thought I was doing swell. Damn, you guys got me beat BIGTIME :slight_smile: All of my stuff is movies since I have no interrest in Anime. Now my computer game collection can rival a store anyday…and yes, it is all legit.

I must be missing something. I watch movies and DVD’s all the time, but I never felt the allure of Anime. It’s a whole 'nuther world, I guess.

I’m a Tom & Jerry man myself, all the way…particularly those old classics like “Cat Concerto”…

You only have mental problems if your DVD collections is 6-700 discs worth of PORN… :stuck_out_tongue: Oh yeah, and you’ve probably got biceps to put the worlds strongest man to shame, and shares in the company that make Kleenex Tissues. :+

This man has a basement ???..:X

Got the same problem, but only about 100 DVDs so far… about 1/3 still shrinkwrapped. GF thinks I’m nuts. :B

I’ve got 11 DVDs And with the money I saved I bought a 2004 Honda.

Sorti- Does it have a DVD player? :+
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