Do you store DVDs in spindles?



Hi all,

Having just recently purchased 100 TYG02s, I whacked them into a big spindle (cake boxes) as the TYs came only with shrink wrap.

I was just wondering, would the DVDs on the bottom of the spindle be damaged in any way, or have their quality deteriorate over time because of all the weight of the above 99 DVDs? Or should I swap them around every now and then?

… or am I just being paranoid? :sad:

Thanks in advance.


u being paranoid
just keep em out of the sun


Thought so :smiley:


Hm. Not good in case of earthquakes. :bigsmile:


I don’t think that should be a problem. Those discs are sold stacked together in a spindle. If they can be shipped that way for sale, why can’t discs be stored that way?

I’ve heard of people saying the discs at the bottom of a spindle may warp too. If that is true wouldn’t that mean that with a spindle of 100 discs, those at the bottom would have trouble burning because they are warped? In that case everyone would start buying spindles of 25 only since the discs at the bottom only have the weight of 24 other discs on top of them and are less likely to warp…

See? It gets more and more absurd the more you think about it :wink:

And yes, I chuck my discs in a spindle too mainly because I can’t be bothered to find another way of storing them. The discs usually stay in piles on my table until I have no space on the table, then they go into a spindle.


Suggest educating oneself on the construction of CD’s and DVDs. Look at them closely and you will see how they are designed to be stored on a spindle. The surfaces of the discs do not touch except at the hub.


i used to let all my discs stack up on my desk (and surrounding area) then i’d chuck em on a spindle…i’ve since reformed my ways and use mainly double-sided vinyl sleeves and thin-jewel cases but i still have several unsorted spindles of discs around that i haven’t gotten to yet…


THAT is so true… I’ve always wondered why the DVDs don’t stack up completely on each other. I guess it’s because there are tiny gaps between them, which are caused by slight elevations of the hub.


for temporary storage


I keep plenty of stuff stored on spindles and it has never caused trouble for me. mThey discs don’t actually touch except in the centre, of course.


Rub your fingernail across the hub toward the data surface. The hub itself is at the same ‘elevation’ as the data surface, however when running your finger between the two, there is a margin which is probably a 1/32" thick which seperates the two. Perhaps this is what keeps the media from damaging each other.


There is a stack-ring around the hub which separates the discs from each other. When rubbing your finger from the hub towards the data surface you can feel the stack-ring.


but then there are discs classified as “no stacking ring” which don’t have a raised center hub…


You mean the ones on which you can print right to the centre, right?
Takes out Splinter Cell DVD
Well, on the bottom, it still has the raised stacking ring, just not on the top, so the distance between, these discs and the next will be half that of normal discs.


ahh, didn’t realize that as i have never used printable media.


I have no confidence whatsoever in a 0.35 mm space between discs.

When everything is done nicely, which is definitly not always the case, before the spindle is opened the discs are hold together tightly by vertical pressure (rings,…) so this tiny space is more or less stable.

Then when the spindles gets opened and used, no vertical pressure holds the discs together anymore (except for gravity of course) and the slightest movement gets the medias touching each other at the outer end.

So without great care, once the spindle is opened it’s actually very easy to scratch the discs, even more because now dirt enters the spindle each time you take a new disc…

Of course anyone who is careful enough won’t notice any media degradation. But beware of kids for example…


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