Do you stock up on media? Does it really make sense?

I normally stock up on quality media when I can find them on sale… say this week, I will probably try to score a few FUJI 8x DVD-R 50pk spindle from BestBuy that are Made In Japan for the TYG02. I also stocked up a few spindle of Samsung that were YUDEN000T00 (4x) from Newegg, not to mention the Fuji 8X DVD+R YUDEN000T02…

However, I am starting to accumulate them to a point that I probably won’t finish them up for a while. The reasons for stocking up are obvious: 1. They can switch supplier and usually that means to lousier manufacturer. 2. On sale price.

But then by the time I can use them, faster media will probably be available and the 8x stuff I have stock up would probably be dirt cheap… (cheaper than on sale probably).

So doesn’t seem like it make sense does it? What’s your stocking up habit?

Hehe - make a wild guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m now selling lots of 4x media that I stocked up when 4x was hot. I sell it through auctions, and to be honest - much if it is sold for about 50% of what I bought it for :frowning:

Yeah - I’m that stupid :frowning:

The good thing is that I’ve not stocked up THAT much 8x media - only 1000 discs or so, not 4-5000 like I did with the 4x media…

HOLY FREAKING COW! I thought I have a spending-too-much-and-stock-up-on-DVD-media-problem… I only stock up like at most 200 per manufacturer (mostly TY, ±R) and maybe 200-300 on RICOHJPRN01.
However, for OC-Freak, you test so much that it would make sense for stocking up… you need to have some still in stock for testing on these new 52X DVD±*/R came on the Market in 2007… :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I have debated the same thing and I have decided that you have to weigh it by how many discs you go through on average. Normally it takes me about 6 weeks to go through a 50 pack of DVD-R discs, so I never buy in spindles of more than 50 at a time. By the time 6 weeks has passed you can almost always find a better deal. I still have about 35 Ritek DVD-R that I purchased about 3 weeks ago (I just haven’t been burning much lately) and I held off on the TY 4x DVD-R special at because I realized that by the time I finished off my Riteks, that I would probably be able to get 8x TY DVD-R discs for the same price (or less) that I bought the 4x ones for or I would be able to find a better deal on them elsewhere. However, I would say that if you are going through 100 discs or more in a month, then it certainly wouldn’t hurt you to jump on one or two specials, reguardless of how many discs you already have. :wink:

Same thing with me. As soon as the prices of 4x TYs game below 85 cents, I bought abour 200 discs…Still have 175 discs to burn and a couple hundred prodiscs. But, I use them fast. About 200 a month. So, no worries now :slight_smile:

To be honest, I started stocking up after I know you guys :bigsmile:. You guys give me bad influence :bigsmile: :bigsmile:. I joined the fun hunting for good media (TY, MCC, RICOHJPN) at bargain price, burn and post the PI/PO scans. Now I have around 300 pieces… and the sad part is, I only burn 2-3 discs a week, or 150 a year. :wink: I think it’s becoming a bad habbit. :iagree:

With media prices falling constantly, I usually buy when I am low on stock. I buy a pack of 100 discs when they go on sale and replenish when my stock drops to around 20.

16x media starts showing up in a couple months. :wink:

My urges argues that if I don’t buy them now, all the FUJI ±R will eventually be all MITaiwan and not the MIJapan Taiyo Yudens… The my sensibility side argues like the above…
I stock up mainly for the good media… I miss those FUJI CD-Rs that were TYs… I ran out of them a while ago and I hate myself for not stocking up enough…
Urges vs Senses… the eternal struggle…

Another thing of interest is that: Say you have a drive, NEC2510A with Herrie’s firmware, that can burn G04 or RICOHJPRN01 at 8x beautifully… would you still spent the extra to get the really nice TYs at usually double the price but are truly 8x? Probably burn only as well as the G04/05 and RICOH…

I know my answers to that on CD-Rs… the TY, for me at least, seem to hold up against scratches better…

Same here. I don’t have that many discs, but I still got some 4x media I bought for about a $1 each. I still had them when I bought more for 50c each :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I still got a spindle. The problem is I don’t burn CD-R anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange. I can still find MIJ Fuji CD-Rs in 30 packs or 50 packs at my local Best Buy or Officemax. I am still on a spindle of 50 of these. There are other TY options for CD-R though. Verbatim Pastels are TY. Not sure how they compare in cost though.

Are prices still $2 or $7 respectively AR? :wink:

Afraid not. Although Fujifilm is terrible about rebates anyways. They haven’t honored the last couple that I have sent in. Anways, I believe these are the ones:

I got all my rebates both from BB and OM. Got Fuji rebate too, but don’t remember whether it was for one of those deals. BTW, this isn’t the right spindle. Those were 48x, if I’m not mistaken.

Yes, I think most everyone here likes to “stock media.” We are all suckers for a good deal on great media. We know we have enough, we know the sale price of today will be higher than the retail price of tomarrow, yet we still buy more!

We humans are greedy little creatures, we like our shelves to look like store displays. We dwell in our caves in the darkness of night, fixated by the little flashing lights on the front of our burners. Without that little light, we will shrivel and die!

Good Luck to you all!

After all, what esle can you expect from people who take a pride of being a part of the cdfreaks community? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I like to have anywhere from 100-200 disk, I will try and find the best deal possible and buy. I get real paranoid when I get less then 50 blanks in the house, only reason for that, Once I let them get down to none and I freaked out and could not find a local sale, they were all HIGH ASS HELL. I told myself I will never play it that close again.

No the specs say 16x which is what I found to be TY on Fujifilm.