Do you share your PC?

With friends, family, relatives, job collegues, or anyone beside you.

(Inspired by the virgin thread.)

We have 2 PCs in our house, one is not strictly mine, but I am the only one that uses it (other people in my family use it about 4 times a year).

Ben :slight_smile:

Hmm yes I do… sometimes my girl checks her email on one of the systems. Some friends of mine use my server (it’s running a forum, fileserver, ftp etc etc) and I have a home-built HTPC that my girl uses as well. Besides all that, my sister comes over every once in a while to use my pc…

No. Would never do that. A PC is personal, like a good fountain-pen.

I main pc is used mostly by me sometimes my wife goes on just to web search (but has nothing to do with programs etc)
My second pc is used mostly by my kids (and me to experament on)

No one is allowed to come near this PC. Too dangerous. A casual mistake, and all my ODD and HDD towers will be destroyed. There are also desktop towers that could literally break legs and heads. I’ll have to use different methods when my daughter starts walking. :slight_smile:

I main pc is used mostly by me sometimes my wife goes on just to web search (but has nothing to do with programs etc)
Thats me as well. I dictate to my wife, for study assignments using word, she can type 115 WPM, My best is 35-45 WPM. Thats the only app she uses.

Wow. Even 35 WPM (in English) is regarded very fast in South Korea. For me, typing’s mostly faster than speaking in English.

I don’t share mine at all. I can have my desktop filled with icons and I can make sure my stash of porn movies are safe :stuck_out_tongue:

no because everyone living in my house has their own PC

Many married South Korean men maintain secret bank accounts, safe from their wives. Otheriwse, they’d have no money to spend on computers and girls. One guy I know who’s about 40 years old and been married for nearly 10 years doesn’t have internet at home because that’ll help increase the risk of divorce. He makes about US$4,000 a month but often spends more than that on computers (and girls.)

I try not to let anyone use mine, but my girl is a graphic designer and needs to use something faster than her p3 500 laptop. So sometimes she annoys the crap out of me until i give in and let her use mine.

I asked my family not to touch my PC. My wife and both of my sons got their own PC, connected with a router (+wireless). I share only my laptop with wifey if she needs to do a presentation. Oh also my server with family (for ftp, web, and mailserver). Total 7 pcs ranging from PII-450 (for my youngest son) to P4 3Ghz for wife. Yeah I got the second fastest one only… :sad: I give the fastest one to my wife since she currently needs it to do her work processing digital images from confocal and electron microscope.

my PCs is second to my wife…even when my wife wants to use it she ask me incase i am doing something funny on it…:D:D

my setup :
the mount holding the LCDs are DIY by me…cost me about $60USD total…

extra drives on floor…:frowning:

My three main systems…:smiley:
From Left to Right 2 x Bartons XP2600@2GhZ and a P4 2.4C@3.6GhZ

Wow, that’s quite a setup. :eek:

As for me, I never share my laptop. It’s my primary machine, and contains all my personal documents, including essays that I wrote in middle school. I’m okay with letting people use my desktop system, but that virtually never happens (mostly because all the people I know have their own computer), and if they use it, it’s just to do a quick e-mail check or something.

I have two of my own PC’s & one for My GF.

But you know, being young, and rather silly, she sometimes she needs to use my PC because her’s “isn’t working” … and sometime she needs to use my email too :a

But theoretically, I never need to share either of my PC’s.

I have 3 PC’s then again i build my own so i just keep the 2 last good ones and use them too I have to keep a seperate PC for my bro because he browses fucked up sites and he already screwed up my main PC so i had to end up building him a throwdown.

Is there any other way?? :confused:

No , but everyone who visits me is free to use the internet connection.

you could always go to dell… LOL… and get screwed