Do you scan right after the disc is burned?




Do you scan right after the disc is burned? Or should I wait until my drive has coolen down? Maybe a silly question, but I’ve thinked about it :confused:



I scan right after burning the disc, but I use a different drive to scan :slight_smile:


I try to scan as soon as possible right after completion of burning. The more important thing I think is to record the burn time and scan time along with drive model name, firmware version, writing speed, etc.


If i compare two scans, the first immediatly after burning and the second after 2 or 3 weeks, i have always a ‘degradation’ in the quality scan ( no matter the brand of the media)
first scan 97-98% quality score, 90-95% for the second scan.
Is it normal?


yes, as even the smallist scratches or dust specs can cause this.


I like to scan after giving the disc time to cool down and then play it and scan it again when the disc is warm again to produce 2 different but similar results.