Do you scan more than once?



I was wondering if others scan a disc a couple of times or more if they see nasty PIF spikes just to see if it will go away? I have scanned a second time or more and found that sometimes the spikes will vanish while on other burns it will stay a constant (But vary in max value. Sometimes 10. Sometimes leaps to 20+).

Just curious. :wink:


I scan so often till I am satisfied with the result :stuck_out_tongue:
But seriously, if I encounter single bad spikes, I re-scan this part of the disc again to see if it was just bad luck or bad drive performance.


I scan every 6 months (ish)


I sometimes rescan, but only if the original was bad or I did something that could have affected the scan while it was running.


I find that scanning a disc right after it’s burned sometimes gives higher errors than scanning about 10 minutes after it is burned. Most of the time if a large PIF spike is there it usually stays no matter how many times you scan.IMO


I can’t do those PIF scans only surface scans, just recently I scanned a couple DVD’s that I burned mayb a week ago, and found 1-2 damaged blocks of data, but Nero CD-DVD speed reports it as 100% … hmm… good ol’ TY media.


I have found results will vary but generally not very significantly. But I well remember the HUGE batch of PIF errors I got at the beginning of one scan that went away on further scans. UGLY. :Z I am glad they weren’t real.