Do you rip CDs? Then you're a thief according to Sony BMG!

I just posted the article Do you rip CDs? Then you’re a thief according to Sony BMG!.

The fight against piracy is becoming really absurd. On a news published at Ars Technica, is reported a rather shocking reply of Jennifer Pariser, the head of litigation for Sony BMG:"When an…

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Jezzz!!! Will we see some countries brought to court by Sony BMG charged of “conspiracy to committ crime” just because their Laws accept personal copy?

It’s the word ‘rip’ it sounds too harsh and brutal. I prefer ‘extract’. And I’m not a thief, I’m a pirate. Arghh!

Shiver me timbers !!! We’ll all be walkin the plank if Sony has it’s way. :B

Flies in the face of the DMCA. Like Sony needed to suck in another area. They can rot, for all I care…

:r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r :r If that “litigator” is all $ony can afford they really are in trouble. :B First, she supposes only men “pirate” CDs and secondly shes got no clue what the difference is between purchasing a CD and Leasing it. So how about this, Sony. Why not open CD rentals at every Sony store? Then you can sue ppl for illegal copying. Otherwise, shut the fck up and have some respect for your own customers. p.s. Is there still anybody on the board who thinks sony is flamed for nothing???

Well very interesting since the RIAA’s own website says: “Copying CDs * It’s okay to copy music onto an analog cassette, but not for commercial purposes. * It’s also okay to copy music onto special Audio CD-R’s, mini-discs, and digital tapes (because royalties have been paid on them) – but, again, not for commercial purposes.” Check it out yourself: Perhaps the folks at Sony/BMG forgot that their own RIAA is telling folks it is legal…at least until some more laws are bought and paid for.

How stupid is that. Perhaps we should inquire about their opinion on 8-track and singing in a bathroom. :slight_smile:

Some bands have been sued for doing covers, and some clubs have been sued for allowing bands to do covers without the proper licenses. So, I assume that would be right up there with singing in the shower. So yeah, technically, singing in the shower would be an unlawful free distribution of copy protected material. So would singing anywhere for that matter without the required paper work. The RIAA and MPAA are just plain greedy and evil. The mistake people make is to say oh well we should be able to download this stuff for free, or make backups, or share with our friends. Yes we should, but who would want to share content put out by these organizations with their friends? Artists could release their content into the open right? But they don’t because they’re just greedy, and if they’re just greedy maybe we all need to think long and hard about if our favorite artist is really our favorite artist anymore? Maybe we should do ourselves a favor and make our own independent, open, free music. So, I don’t buy music or movies. I do not download music or movies. I even refuse to pay for cable. The RIAA and MPAA make me sick and so does their content, and so do the artists. So why would I even want that crap on my hard drive?

i know let walk all over the place and sing there songs and see how many are jailed. :+

I wonder why SONY sells CD / DVD burners. Maybe someone should sue them for being an accomplice. :g

Sue them for libel and slander of my good name.

If Sony consider viable to carry in your pockets a discman and a pile of CDs rather than a tiny mp3 player, then Sony must go to Dodo way. :X

This is funny as even Christian music is copyrighted even if it is a hymn so they plan to start suing the churches too if this happens? All churches pretty much sing the same songs mostly.
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Well, consider that if there is any organization that should know what a thief looks like - it is surely Sony . . . . :X

In response to Dr. Who. Here’s a little update for you. My best friend is worship leader at church and they can’t just sing the songs in church. The churches have to pay a yearly fee for the proper licenses so they can perform the christian music or play it off CD. Just in case anyone is wondering how that works. If they don’t play the license fees then yes there is the possibility that the church will get sued.

I want some of whatever it is their PR department is passing around during the world domination meetings. Sounds like the ramblings of a very deranged mind! I will never buy another Sony branded item again! Since they provide means, ie. burners, for copying they are an accessory to the crimes!! Dohhhhhhhhhh… :S

World Domination? Damn, no K or B in her name. I would’ve sworn Jennifer Pariser was an anagram for Pinky and the Brain…

What about sonys mp3 players that come with software to rip cds to you computer and then transfer them to the Player.

I’m sure bands would love to give their music away for free. It’s well known that most artists make very little from music sales and the bulk from concert tours. Unfortunately, they have little option but to sign with the labels, giving up all rights to the music, in order to get promotion and radio play.