Do you recommend Buffalo External dvd writer

My Desktop’s dvd writer is not working , but as it is quite old , i thought of getting external dvd writer which i can also use with my laptop whose drive is also not working. DO you recommend the Buffalo External dvd writer , will it be reliable ? How will be the quality of the writing. Any suggestions?

Buffalo dvd drives used to be the virtually the same as Pioneer, just with proprietary firmware that made them slightly different. I’m not sure this still holds true.

Is there a specific model number you are considering? We generally advise getting a full sized external drive with its own power supply rather than a slim drive that uses power from the usb connector. The slim drives don’t seem very robust, and there are potential problems from using the power feed from the usb line.


If you are looking at this one: - the reviews are mostly favorable and the drive comes with a two year warranty = a plus.

Is buffalo cheaper? Would you go for pioneer of buffalo?

Depending on where you live…