Do you really need another media player software?

I just posted the article Do you really need another media player software?.


players are not the only way to watch a movie. You can watch a movie also on your computer, but it’s necessary to use a media player able to support all your video formats. There…

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Sounds nice Anyone have experience with this one?

uh hello VLC has been doing this for how many years? Thanks but we don’t need another copy cat program :stuck_out_tongue:

Appears to be excellent based on my quick tests - millions of options and functions and the price is perfect :g

i will :B :B seems perfect for my EMule downloads :X

Very Nice :slight_smile:

VLC works perfectly, no need for another program.

Well for me it works great, replaced VLC with GOM :slight_smile:

There’s no information on either the main site or in the supposed “review article” that really tells a potential user what formats this software is compatible with. The website is absolutely no help, there’s only the hype front page and a link to D/L the software. No other information available on the site. If I ran across their website due to a search for media players and seen that they had no further info. other than hype and a download link, I 'd have assumed it was a virus/trojan/whatever and passed on it. Not to say that the software is bad, only that the lack of information on the homepage and lack of a real review would not constitute me trying out another program just because it’s “new”.

sticking with MPC, until the programmer or webmaster decides to add a feature list, screenshots & some other helpful info. thou I must admit, the hype sounds nice…HYPE.

What’s wrong with MPlayer? Plays all kinds of weird formats. Can play broken video files. Subtitle support is still a little bit crappy but the rest works flawlessly. I need not yet another video player.

I am liking this also, for me it looks better than VLC on my Big screen. Played everything I have, Nice find :slight_smile:

Everything? What about Real and Quicktime?

I reckon this is EVEN better than VLC! My new no1 player! Try it…

I can play my Quicktime movie trailers with VLC, haven’t tried this one.

Wow, this player sucks. Going fullscreen resulted in choppy playback. I’ve never had a player do that. And its not as if it even looked better. Is there some trick to getting it to run smoothly? I’ve got a P4 3.3Gzh and 1GB RAM, x850 video card. Oh, to follow up, it’ll play smooth fullscreen when set to normal in the wizard, but not at high quality, even with high priority. And resource usage is double what VLC uses, in both cpu and memory.
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Everything? What about Real and Quicktime?
yep, it plays mov and rm

Not exactly true. I noticed in the review, that RM was listed to be associated with the player. But on my system, since I didn’t have any RM player already installed, it didn’t even have those choices listed. I’m guessing it still needs more installed before it’ll play RM.

Get MPlayer. Runs all flawlessly. Even runs heavily corrupted video files, incomplete downloads, it would even play my old man’s p0rn collection if it had a VHS loader :slight_smile:

This is the best player if you have a 1024X768 tv and want 16:9 format media files to automatically fit in your tv screen using s-video out on your video card. Media player 11 and divx player, alshow player, etc, I’ve tried them all and none of those players can do what the gom player can do. Only problem with the gom player is the choppiness in full screen mode that happens often. I think it’s a bug but once that’s fixed this will be the only media player that matters.