Do you Paypal?



I have never used paypal and never will. I’m anti.


use it all the time its a brilliant idea.


Goddamn you reply fast! :eek:
I wasnt even done with the poll!


justr come on to the forum mate and that was the first thing i saw :slight_smile:


hehe, Of course I do, it’s the easiest way to pay when you don’t have a credit card.


Just signed up the other day - it works fine for me. :stuck_out_tongue: Although I think I shall change the email address to another as that is what is used to send payment. I am afraid I will get spam sooner or later…


I hate PayPal. They do everything a bank can , yet they are no bank and thus do not have to worry about privacy issues and laws about that. Then they charge money for every fucking single transaction and you can’t get your money if you want to , only in amounts they decide. PayPal is a brilliant idea , but it’s a very evil brilliant idea.

I wish i invented it.


Oh, you will get fake Paypal emails, which is worse… they ask you to reenter your account and credit card data “for verification purposes” on a “fake” Paypal verification page… very dangerous.



I understand your point. The problem is that if you want to do some small fee international transactions like me (mostly for buying OOP Audio CDs, with amounts varying approx. from $2 to $50), here in Italy the possibilities not involving Paypal are:

[li] International Bank Transfer: the cost is about 20-25$ :Z
[/li][li] International Postal Money Order: it often takes about 30 days for money to go e.g. from Italy to United States :Z
[/li][li] Sending cash :cop:

Paypal has no costs for buyers… so there aren’t reasonable alternatives.

[OFF-TOPIC] The fourth option of the poll is great… LOL! :bigsmile: [/OFF-TOPIC]




I use it all the time. :wink:


I’ve used paypal for 2 years now, no problems here. Very secure and no spam so far.


I wear womens panties and dont use paypal.


eBay and PayPal just goes hand in hand… oh wait, the latter got bought out by the former and now the former’s charging more fees. Those bastards. Well, I sure’s hell not gonna pay you money order. And most people don’t take personal check, even though I got the money to back that check up.


Use PayPal; their fraud thing sucks ass since they don’t know how to freeze money in someones account for good, but my credit card companies love to call them and make them return my credits :slight_smile:


Used it once, hated it. End of story. :wink:


Yup. I use it for eBay and donations. It works great for paying but is sort of a pain in the ass for selling (in Canada we can only take out $10 at a time which sucks ass considering my auctions have been for only about $1-$5 so far). :frowning:
But it’s nice and easy for buyers, so I use it anyway.


I agree with eltranquil, it works fine for me. :slight_smile: Besides, as he says, at least for us EU people, Paypal tends to be the cheapest and quickest option for bank transfers. Especially when you play online games like me.


Womans Panties of course.

PS Whats PayPal???


Paypal is an online payment system.
They’re basically an online bank, replacement for credit cards.

Generally, instead of asking for payment via check, money order, or credit card, they just use paypal instead :slight_smile:

It’s apparently secure :wink:

I’m naturally cynical, so I don’t use paypal and stubbornly stick with credit cards.
Lololololol :slight_smile:


i use it all the time