Do you pay or do you pay - The break-even point

I just posted the article Do you pay or do you pay - The break-even point.

Mr. Belvedere posted an intresting thread in our Livingroom Forum. Most of the users connected to the internet have to pay their ISP/phone company to get connected. Also many people are downloading…

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This is true, but the money you pay to your ISP doesn’t go to software companies.

and also I download far more than a $50 equivalent per month anyhow (But I don’t count it that way as there is little I would actually pay for in reality). Also I use the net for other things than downloading movies and MP3’s. Running a webserver for instance. There is more use for broadband connections than just downloading big copyrighted files you know.

Ummm yeah see my DSL is unlimited so I could download as much as I want or as little as I want and I still pay the same fee…so Im gonna say I dont pay :4

And if you gave up the broadband connection, how would you play the online (UT 2003, BF 1942, etc.) games that you purchase??