Do you participate in all polls?

Over the past few years i’ve made a lot of polls. Do you participate in all of them?

hmmmm…i haven’t being around that long so yea…but anywayz…i particpate in the one’s that interest me…sorri can’t remember the ppls forum’s :bigsmile:

If it relates to me in any way, then yes. Other than that, I just leave it :slight_smile:

Quite simple :stuck_out_tongue:

Time for a metal poll then :slight_smile:

Time for a metal poll then

do you mean mental?

all my polls are mental :slight_smile:

I prefer Metel.

I certainly do. I even dig up the old ones that I havn’t answered before. :slight_smile:

if it’s something i’m interested in or funny

Only ones i can understand :bigsmile:

One or two.

not all, only some…
option 4 is a paradoxon… so, if understood correctly, nobody should be able to choose it… :wink:

I vote in most of them. Even the ones that are not private :stuck_out_tongue:

all - is a strong word :stuck_out_tongue:

As many as I find :wink:

i like swimingpool :smiley:

yup more fun

most of them but not all


I go as far as adding an option of my own on occasion :bigsmile: