Do you notice more artifacts towards the end of movie?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has noticed that most noticeable compression artifacts created by DVD2one occur towards the end of the movie as opposed to the beginning. I wonder if there is a reason for this. Maybe it’s just my conversions, but I’ve converted 5 movies so far, all from sources greater than 6 gig movie files, and I notice all of them look very clean in the beginning, but as we get past 90 minutes, I notice more blockiness in darker scenes, as well as rapidly moving scenes. Anyone else notice this? I wonder if future upgrades will distribute the artifacts more evenly throughout the movie, and thus will make it feel less jarring than it is now, where it looks clean up until the end and then distortion kicks in.



You are 100% correct one of the problems with the current DVD2one is that long movies degrade in quality towards the end. This is being looked at and hopefully will be corrected.

or is it due to bad media (at the edges)?

You could eliminate the DVD media being a problem by playing the DVD2ONE conversion back through a software DVD player from you hard drive. If the artifacts are still there, it’s DVD2ONE, if not it’s the media.