Do you need to unlock read speed on the 1640 for max DL read speed

I just updated my brand new 1640 to BSKB(never tried stock fw)…patched TY02@TY03…

If I want max read speed on DL dsics

I haven’t yet on mine. I don’t mind the extra minute or 2 i’ll save. Up to you. I’m using BSKB stock

what kind of speeds are you getting?

My 1620 with clonedvd was ripping and writing an iso of “24” in 16-17min at full rip speed…but one disc was ripping at like 1-2x…very weird

If you are using only official BenQ BSKB then you might expect to get close to 12X for DVD Video (protected) reading (ripping) and if you patched the BSKB with MCSE then your ripping speed would raised to 15X+.

You got it TCAS, and this are some scans with MCSE:

DVD+R DL (MKM001) 15.67x

DVD-ROM DL 15.66x

12X on DL’s and 16X on SL discs. I haven’t had any weird 1-2x yet and hope i don’t.

zevia’s the speed demon. That’s perty fast.

I got one movie that can only be read @2x in both my BenQs (1620 and 1640). The title is I do but I don’t, Region 1. Plextor rip this DVDROM SL normally (16x max).

Must be the title :stuck_out_tongue:



I ran into one of these yesterday… Sealab 2021 Vol. 3 Disc 1 would only rip at 2-4x. Disc 2 was fine. Weird!

ok…then it was not my 1620 acting all weird…it was the disc :slight_smile:

I am very happy with rip speed with patching it…on 1640