Do you need to put music files on dvd/cd?

I recently got a new pc with a cdrw dvd rw burner and nero express software
I figured out how to put in my own cd’s and burn it to the hardrive using microsofts media player to do the job , My question is if I signed up for one of those web sites where they offer you songs for a dollar each I think comcast has one , so I imagine nero or media player would not be used but they have there own software to do it ,
Now finally for my question , instead of burning the songs to a cd or dvd I wonder if its possible to just burn it directly to my hardrive from there web site server ? Or is the only way burn it from comcast or wherever to cd and from cd to hardrive with media player like I did with my own cds ?? :confused:

this is how it works - when u download a song or buy it you save it on your harddrive (most likely as an mp3 or in iTunes case AAC format)

you can then burn it to a disc as a data file for storage or playback on mp3 compatible players or (the most popular way) burn it as a playable CD for most car or stereo players. You can use any burning program to do this.

Thank You nytvd :bow:
I think I will probably go with I tunes
So it goes in “my documents” in the my music folder ?
Or do I point it to my docs folder in the “look in” choose a location by scrolling till I find My docs and then my music folder , or does it go to the media player playlist ? Or do I manually take it there ?
I know xp it does wav files will xp handle AAC format from I tunes as well ?
I just want to keep it on the hardrive not on cd /dvd

if you go with iTunes (that’s what i do + iPod) it will organize your files for you and you do not have to worry about it. If you have existing songs you can move them over there to the iTunes folder. There are great guides and FAQ’s for iTunes on the Apple site.

Thank You …NYTVD ,
OK I will follow your advice and do that