Do you need MultiColour LED in next LiteOn DVD burners?



Please vote here.


interesting to see how many people really need the multi-color led. i don’t care about the color cause i don’t look at my drive while it’s writing. the green only led is enough i think. some colors aren’t bad, but not really neccessary.


I don’t really care because my primary drives are hidden within my SFF case anyway, so I don’t even see the single-color LEDs now.


i don’t really care.


I like the fact that optical drive prices have gotten much cheaper in recent years. I voted that I didn’t care only because minimal increase would be acceptable if major benefits could be realized. But what would multi-color offer? The only complaints I ever hear are the - “Sure would be nice to know if a DVD was in the tray!” You could accomplish that with a solid green on for presence of media - blinking for reading/writing.


I’m colorblind and can’t tell the difference between the poor quality green and red die most bi-color LEDs use. I’d love to see either one of the full RGB LEDs used or a red/blue bi-color LED. I can tell red from blue. :slight_smile: If I can get 4 lead RBG LEDs shipped from Hong Kong for well under $1, I would hope LiteON could managed a few. After all, don’t they make LEDs? I have a spool of 3mm red LEDs with their name on it right here…


Led color is not a thing that someone “need”; it can be something people do “like”, but it’s not an absolute need.

So the answer to your question is “no”.

However, if you ask me if I’d [B]like[/B] to have red led when burning, I answer yes, but it’s only a matter of personal tastes :slight_smile:


Nicely put, Geno…I’d like a tricolour LED because it’s funkier, but I certainly don’t need one. :slight_smile:


Of course you NEED one! What would life be with out colour LED’s ?


I prefer green for reading and red for writing, as in LITEON’s cd-rw drives! :wink:


LOL :bigsmile:


Would it be like this? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t care about LED color. If the burner is supplied with color LED, it’s OK for me, but stricly I don’t need color LEDs.


You got my YES Vote


I really don’t care!!! I don’t watch my drives during the burn :wink:


There’s a flaw in the poll which makes it skewed towards LED’s. There’s no option for “No LED with the drive costing less”.
Oh and btw:
LED’s?! We don’t need no stinking LED’s!
(Someone had to …)


bichonn would like the option you mentioned s_reynisson.

There’s no need for a LED since he doesn’t watch his drives during the burn. :wink:


Just an after thought bichonn

Do you watch your drives when they read ? :wink:


You’r totally right!!! in fact my computer case (see my sig) has a face that hides my drives… so no led, less money is fine to me!!!


my drives are hidden behind a “panel”, so i don’t need any led.

imagine a drive with just a slot to insert the disc. i know that there are such drives, but without any buttons they would look nice.