Do you need a USB enclosure box?



I just posted the article Do you need a USB enclosure box?.

Surfing the web today I found a curious external enclosure box that allows to connect at the same time a hard disk drive and an optical device via USB2 port to a computer. And that’s not all: it…

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Interesting idea. I’d imagine a lot of laptop and Mac Mini owners would be interested in these. As nice as it is to use these [almost] silent machines, there comes a time when the pathetic speed and capacity of the internal drives get in the way of productivity. If it weren’t for my external HD, I’d’ve gone back to a tower years ago. I’ll soon be getting a burner to put in an external enclosure (which I already have). I could certainly use one of these things. (Yes, I have an external card reader too!) I won’t be buying one though, since I already have enclosures for all the drives I need. But, damn, I wish these were around a couple of years ago.


The innovation is nifty, but I’m more concerned with how well it works. CDFreaks should test it and let us know :wink:


I would like to know how effective the heatsink is and where the fan is placed. I would also like to see a firewire or combo option for such a device.