Do you need a uninstaller?

We finish a software, but without uninstaller in it, user could delete it in Control Panel. I want to ask a question, is uninstaller useful? If a user dont want have a software in his PC any more, a uninstaller is helpful or just delete it in Control Panel?
Please give me some suggestions, Okay?

ALWAYS include an uinstaller. Best to use the same as Windows XP does , but better would be a WISE uninstaller , this will get rid of the entire installation track.

I hate products which don’t have uninstallers.

My 2c

Definitely include an install/uninstaller. Do a search for Wise Installation Wizard. It logs everything installed, which makes uninstalling real easy. It’s too painful hunting reg logs down and manually deleting them when the programmer forgot to include a uninstaller.

All progs should come with wise uninstaller too IMO.

Some just should not be installed period though! lol :bigsmile:

Most programs, especially those that creates entries in the registry or make start menu shortcuts or desktop shortcuts, should have a uninstaller. I hate the ones that either doesnt have one or has one that doesnt work, making me delete the entries manually.

Some programs like DC++, which is all extracted to one folder, and makes no system changes at all, it can be “uninstalled” by just deleteing the folder.

But still, me and everyone in the forum would definitely appreciate programs with uninstallers.

if i find a program that has no uninstaller, that isnt open-sourced, i never use that companies products again. i forgive open source’s, though :wink:

All progs should come without changing anything :slight_smile: where the uninstall process would just be, delete the dir or only the exe and it’s done =)

There are programs that either has it and doesn’t work, or its uninstaller doesn’t get rid of everything. Those are the most annoying programs out there, even worse if they are like trial versions too and not freeware.

And these programs with out unistallers and ones that do incomplete installations are a pain in the neck sometimes. This is one of the main reasons harddrives ger cluttered up!! thus causing you to end up being frustrated and having to wipe the drive. Not to mention the garbage that every once in a while shows up on the pc.

I would say use a uninstaller if you are a programmer/developer or a program like Uninstaller. They work, but some of them you have to be careful when using because it can uninstall some things that you might need, but most apps of this nature will not remove critical elements unless you tell it to.

kuch half advert :wink: kuch

here is an example of what i ment :slight_smile:

plain flat exe file, no installer, and no uninstaller =)

“And the Lord said: Thou shall always include a uninstaller.” :slight_smile:

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“And the Lord said: Thou shall always include a uninstaller.” :slight_smile:

LOL that was before or after He created woman ? :slight_smile:
Sometimes women need an uninstaller too.

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LOL that was before or after He created woman ? :slight_smile:
Sometimes women need an uninstaller too. [/B]

then the answer is obvious :slight_smile: