Do you need a modem if you have a router?

I have a cable modem which is plugged into a router for other places in the house.

I’m moving soon and will have to have a different broadband provider which will be non cable - I’ve never had the more common type, so sorry to sound like such a dumbass, but am I right in saying that a router has modem technology so I won’t need to have to buy a modem for my next broadband provider? The one I’m looking at is great but no free modem y’see.

Unless the router has the modem in it already…yes you’ll need the modem.

Cable modems and ADSL modems are nearly free.

not in the US, 4 months ago I paid $89.99-$20 rebate

to the OP, does the router have either a phone jack (DSL) or coax input (cable)? if not you will need a modem (personally, I have never seen a router with a built in modem)

FYI, DSL does not require a phone jack here, there’s a thingy called “splitter” which splits the phone line’s DSL and phone signals, so you can use a standard LAN cable to connect modem and DSL line.

Uh… this is the router I have: to all the questions.

Oh yeah, here they have a router modem:… which means mine ain’t one. So I buy a modem from the company for £30 or look for one independantly. Can you go far wrong with one? I’d rather have an internal one - what about this: this ? Mind you I’ll lose a PCI slot then… :confused:

If you had your own router, attached to the ISP’s cable modem, and are moving to ADSL, then you need either:

  1. An ADSL modem with ethernet connection, used with your router or
  2. An ADSL modem/router.

Is that £30 for a modem, or a modem router? - if it’s a modem router, go for it - you can get them cheaper, but using theirs would mean less aggravation in case of problems. If it’s a modem only, then forget it - £30 quid is insane.

Trawl , and you can find modem-routers for £19.99 or less, but watch the descriptions - a “single port” requires an additional hub or switch to support multiple connections.

Although cheap as dirt also suggests that it is indeed crap you’re getting.