Do you like to look at Pumkin carvings?

This guy has a pretty cool site up with a gallery of pumpkins that (I guess) he has carved. Wow! I wish I had this kind of talent. Maybe this will be an inspiration to do better for our Halloween pumpkin this year. Here is an example.

I liked the Vader one…but that is a cool dude…nice site


As a guy that lives in a small town that the big annual event is the “Pumpkin Festival” and our population of 12,000 swells to over 150,000 this coming weekend-


(but your site certainly has some great carvings-eh!)

That’s freakin’ sick! :eek: I just bought some special pumpkin carving tools for this Halloween, but I’ll never be able to carve THAT well! I need to use stencils and stuff…

They look evil with the internal glow :wink:

Favourite: Yoda!

i think i’ll just stick with the good ole plastic kind…:smiley:

Do they have pumpkin carving classes?

Maybe SS can find a nice, if slightly obsessive, playmate there :wink: