Do you like Monty Python?

Well, do you punk?

In the castle of … aaaarrgh

What do you think, having a look at my first name ? :slight_smile:


Is George Bush an idiot?

I like it as much as a wafer thin Mint :slight_smile:

Yeah, I still remember the series M_P Flying Circus… Was it in the end of ´70´s or in beginning of ´80´s?
Had a lot of fun and missed whola bunch of homework… :wink:

No of course not. How silly of you to think that I would think such a thing. No no no.

Have a couple of their DVDs and a double CD (yes, originals)…so you decide :wink:

Wish I had their Flying Circus episodes on DVD as well…oh Parrot is one of my favourites

Life of Brian is brilliant too :wink:

Do I like them? Got their movies on VHS, xvid and even bought the DVDs as soon as they were released.

Especially the 2CD of The holy grail is nice… Japanse version, Lego version, coconut tutorials etc etc. They rule!!!

Well Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The Big Huge Enormous But A Little Smaller Than The Longest One Monty Python Thread

I even like to use them in Spam posts.

Life of Brian was my favourite monty python movie…

… always look on the bright side of life! [ShivaZ whistles …] :bigsmile:

Welease Woger! :bigsmile:

I fart in your general direction!!

[lisp] Would you like to meet my friend Bigus Dickus? [/lisp]

I’m surpwised to hear a man like you wattled by a wabble of wowdy webels.

What can i say i`am a 43yr old who was brought upon python and still love it.

glad to see from the posts and google search that its loved globaly.

who can spot the python sketch from this extract:-

Idle: Taht si crreoct.

Palin: Do you enjoy it?

Idle: I stom certainly od. Revy chum so.

Palin: And what’s your name?

Idle: Hamrag - Hamrag Yatlerot.

You could at least try to make this hard.

Anagram man

just testing the water.