Do you like garlic?

Well, this is probably a very stupid question. :doh:.
Do you like garlic?
I love it, especially raw :stuck_out_tongue:

Very much :iagree:. Not raw, though :slight_smile:

I love it :iagree: It’s best with onions, mushrooms and spinach, but salted and roasted whole over a fire is pretty good too! Wild garlic grows like a weed round here; great when it’s in season.


P.S. I’m hungry now… off to make some garlic bread :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=Arachne;2121782]Very much :iagree:. Not raw, though :)[/QUOTE]

My thoughts exactly.

Nuh uh, not at all. :slight_smile:

Yes it is a must add to some things I cook.

sure as long as it’s not on non kosher

I love Garlic.


I love it, but I get complaints from those I get close to who haven’t been eating it. :o

i am like most here i love it in some things…but not raw :frowning:

For eating, the answer is no. It comes in handy though when I’m attacked by vampires; I just keep it tied to my wooden stake.:bigsmile:

I absolutely…LOVE garlic!!! :bigsmile:


I love to mix in garlic with raw hamburger and cook it. It tastes pretty good.


Thanks to all the wonderful old wives tales and reinforcement due to rumours on the internet, I firmly believe that garlic keeps your bowels worm free & your immune system happy.

I like garlic in most foods.
I’m also crazy enough to eat it raw, on the condition that it has not been chopped, and I don’t have to chew it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, I love garlic (not raw) But it tastes good with (almost) anything you cook.

I like garlic on my Texas toast and in my spaghetti sauce with garlic bread but to set down and just
eat it raw no way. :disagree: Dang it now I’m hungry for some spaghetti and garlic bread. :iagree: