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Me too!

GPS Devices Lead to Suspects’ Home

LINDENHURST, N.Y. (AP) - Three thieves who allegedly stole 14 global positioning system devices didn’t get away with their crime for long. The devices led police right to their home.

Town officials said the thieves didn’t even know what they had: they thought the GPS devices were cell phones, which they planned to sell.

According to Suffolk County police, the GPS devices were stolen Monday night from the Town of Babylon Public Works garage in Lindenhurst. The town immediately tapped its GPS system, and it showed that one of the devices was inside a house. Police said that when they arrived there, Kurt Husfeldt, 46, had the device in his hands.

Husfeldt was charged with criminal possession of stolen property. His 13-year-old son also was arrested on grand larceny charges.

Town officials said the boy committed the burglary with Steven Mangiapanella, 20, also of Lindenhurst. He was charged with grand larceny.

Babylon installed 300 GPS devices in snow plows, dump trucks, street sweepers and other vehicles last January.

What a lovely family. :wink:


Yes! I love dumb criminal stories!


I love 'em. This piece should make it into the ‘dumbest criminals’ collection–kind of like the criminal that put a $50 bill down on a counter, asked for change, but while the cashier went into the till to get change, the thief pulled a gun and asked for the money. The thief made off with something like $38 dollars…and left his $50 bill behind. :doh:


Hahahha~! That’s a good one Quema. Hmmm, I wish I had the link for the guy that robbed a liquor store, then he said that he wanted a bottle of bourbon behind the counter. The clerk said that the perpetrator did not look as though he was 21. So he pulls out his drivers license and shows the clerk. LOL. The quick thinking clerk remembered the address on the drivers license and told the police. :eek: :bigsmile:

ps, Did you make any menudo lately? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Among my favorites:

A Man robs a convenience store and as he runs out to his truck his dog jumps out of the pickup bed and runs off. The man attempts to catch his dog but realizes that he needs to get out of there in a hurry and decides to drive off. About 30 minutes later the police are reviewing the security camera with no clues to be found. They are just on their way out when the clerk notices that the man’s dog has returned. He lets the police know and they have a look at the dog’s collar. They go to the address on the collar and arrest the guy who robbed the store.

Police raid a known drug dealing house. They are outside relaxing after the raid and just getting ready to wrap things up when they notice some scruffy looking guys coming up the driveway. One of the guys asks if the guy inside is still selling pot, the quick thinking police are incredulous but quickly respond, “SURE” (Keep in mind that they are all wearing jackets that clearly say “POLICE” in big bold letters on them) One officer runs around back and lets the officers inside know that someone is coming in to buy drugs. they quickly hide and set up a dealer. They ended up getting several other people after that. So needless to say they all had a very interesting night.

There is a gentlemen who is a notoriously clumsy robber. He has botched many attempts at robbing convenience stores and always seems to get busted by a security camera. So he gets the bright idea to put a cardboard box over his head for his next job. The plan seems to be working pretty well as he heads into the store, but for one flaw. . . .HE FORGOT TO CUT EYE HOLES IN THE BOX!!! So he stumbles around blind as a bat and attempts to hold the place up only to trip over a rack and fall flat on his face (since he can’t see any thing). He certainly doesn’t get very far and the police pick him up.


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Good ones!