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my name is Vishtaspa. i was just wondering how many people know what it means. I know but was just wondering how many people out there do.

King Vishtaspa was the king of the land of Chorasmia (the northern Khorasan which is widely known as Transoxania).

Kavi Vishtaspa of the Helmand valley in southeastern part of the land was a powerful person and like other kavis, a man of learning. His court was full of sages, and he derived his power from the many conquests to his credit

(hsts´pz) (KEY) or Hystaspis (hsts´ps) (KEY) , Old Persian Vishtaspa, fl. 6th cent. B.C., ruler of ancient Persia, father of Darius I. Under him Darius was governor of Parthia. The legendary patron of Zoroaster is also called Hystaspes or Vishtaspa; he may or may not be the same as Darius’ father.

It is told in the old legends how, one day, when King Vishtaspa was returning from a victorious campaign, he came upon a circle of men sitting beneath a tree and listening with rapt attention to a venerable old man who sat in their midst. The king, who was then a young man, was curious to know who the old man was, and so dispatched a servant to find out. Upon his approach the circle of men gave way to the servant, who discovered that the old man was the great teacher Zarathushtra, and that the circle of men who listened to him were his disciples. All this was duly reported to King Vishtaspa, who it is said, demanded that the sage be brought before him.

He began preaching this new revelation but with no success. In ten years the only convert he won was a cousin. The turning point came when he met the Aryan King Vishtaspa. In a struggle with local priests he was thrown in jail but after two years won Vishtaspa to his faith, tradition says, by his wondrous cure of Vishtaspa’s favorite black horse. The king put all of his power behind the propagation of the faith. Zoroaster became a leader in the nation and married three wives and was the father of six children.

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