Do YOU know what it means ? RAW DAO Subchannels?

I was wondering, there are all these terms nowadays:

raw write
Subchannels 16/96

But do you really know what they mean, and what they have to do with eachother ? Or would an article on this subject, that explains it all something you’re looking for ? Personally, I lost track on some things, and I can imagine more of you have.

So let me know, do you know what it means ? And if you know what it means, can you explain it ?

I have often read about these terms but explaining is still a problem…

An article would be great!


Sure I know what they mean, but I have a full article in Dutch so it needs translating. I’ll do it for you and post it in the knowledge database when it’s done.

I think you should remake whole your site and make it in english. THAT would be PHAT!


Why don’t u visit - u may find what u r lookn 4.

Ehhh Wilma, I added these articles to the CD Freaks Knowhow Database a couple of days ago :wink:

What is SubChannel Data?
What is RAW?

I should have posted that here, but I forgot…