Do you know this song? please i BEG YOU PLEASE HELP me! T_T

well i was listening to a radio station in canada (103.5 qmfm) yesterday (8/7/07 or maybe the day before) and i heard this song, but i have no idea what the song name or the artist is, but the radio station plays old popular soft favorites like Torn by Natalie Imbruglia…etc

so here’s what i rememebr from the song, i know it’s very vague but it was a popular song back then so i’m just taking a shot in the dark, it’ sang by female artist, her voice is similer to natalie:


“i don’t wanna close my eyes and cry… ohhhh woooo…”

i’m really sorry but that’s all i heard, i’m really sorry, i tried searching on google but it came up with too many results and useless songs, so i’m sorry, it’s ok if it can’t be helped, it was my own fault for not paying attendtion, it’s a shot in the dark by asking here, but i’m still going to try, thanks for putting up with me.


i manage to recompose the music, here’s a replica of what i heard of the chorus, sing along with " i don’t wana close my eyes and cry, ohhh—woooooo" and it might hit you in an instant, most who lives in usa or canada will problely heard this before.

i vaguely remember the word: “days go by” and “into my life”, i’m sorry that’s all i remember. listen to the files, sing along, like i said it was a request song on that qmfm radio and i’ve heard it a billion times years ago (1999( on the same radio station and now when i heard it again i just can’t help to know the name of the song. thanks for the help.

thank you for reading this, i appriciate all the help.

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Email the radio station and ask.

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This song?

Darling here we are again
Right about now, there is no need
To tell you how I’m feeling
I am so grateful, to have a man like you
Who knows what to do and
Makes me feel like a woman should (Oh!!!, yeah)
When I close my eyes
I break down and cry
It’s something 'bout the way you love me
The thought of you kiss
My heart can’t resist
It’s all about the way you love me
Verse 2:
Never thought that I would find
So much piece of mind
In every moment that I share with you
Sometimes I don’t know why
We fell so deep in love
But then it all comes back to me because
When I’m with you
I feel so good
No one love me
Like you do
(Chorus- until fade)

I doubt this is it, are you sure you heard the song right because all the Lyric search sites are not showing much.

Hello africa with Dr Alban??

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