Do you know that post can be googled

My post Lost thing-a-ma-jig can already be found by just goggling lost thing-a-ma-jig also the post I posted a few days ago can be found by goggling
Going to invent something. I guess they are right that anything you put on the internet stays there for anyone to see. U guess this is not bad for CDfreaks since people who see it will come to the forum and I would think the more hits the better for them.

They will be flocking to myce just to see if you find your thing-a-ma-jig.Maybe!You know we could start a rumor that it’s huge and see who looks for it.

And your right everything that you post is on the net.scary huh!
Try and google just your name and see what shows.

Thing-a-ma-jig not Dig-a-ling

[QUOTE=samlar;2671452]Thing-a-ma-jig not Dig-a-ling[/QUOTE]

love it could watch it all night.

stupid kid got nabbed by the police after bragging about hit and run on facebook

Yes people do not seem to understand that if they keep there mouth shut they got a good chance to get away with something

He deserved that. Twice.