Do you know more about science and technology than the average American?

Here is a quiz on how much science adults know. Only 7% of the adult population gets all 13 questions correct. I am one of the 7%.

Me too :slight_smile:

Regds, JR

I score 100% and it is sad that so few people do not score better. Most of the answers to these questions I learned in high school. It just confirms that the school systems in the USA are churning out people that are lacking basic knowledge and skills. We are living the movie “Idiocracy.”

Same for me I got all the questions right including the extra ones like Male/Female , age demographic, & education level.
I was a bit fuzzy on the oxygen/nitrogen question but I got it correct.

I’m a dumbbell 9 out 13

It’s nice to be one of the 7%, and a Brit as well. :wink: The education here is pretty bad these days also. I hear young school kids using double negatives and “innit”, you should see the spelling mistakes! The ability to do simple maths is appalling. No wonder young people can’t get jobs in this country, what’s it like for young people in the US that don’t get a collage education?

Unfortunately here in the USA the education system has become a political tool used to elect politicians that in turn dump more money into the education system. It has become a vicious circle where keeping control of the education system has far eclipsed providing a quality education for the students. We have been in a downward spiral for 20-30 years where the students coming out of high school don’t know the basics of math, science, literature, history and social studies and it gets worse as each year passes.

Higher education is much the same in that they are churning out mass amounts of graduates that can’t find a decent job in their field of study after paying a university a crazy amount of money for their education. They were never told that their job prospects after graduation would be dismal. All the university’s and college’s wanted was their tuition money. If these kids would have been advised properly they would have received a degree that would afford them a decent job or they could have decided college wasn’t in their best interest. There are plenty of jobs here in the USA but many people don’t want to do the hard work to qualify for them or they are never told how to get qualified.

In my opinion none of the 13 question was really difficult to answer. So of course "You answered 13 of 13 questions correctly."
However I’m not an American, maybe that made things easier :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=UTR;2717419]We are living the movie “Idiocracy.”[/QUOTE]

I got 13 out of 13 correct but it was because they didn’t ask anything about Justin Beiber.

I only got 11 out of 13…:o:(
But for my defense,I’m just a roadworker with only basic knowledge of the english language…:p:bigsmile:

[QUOTE=Pernundel;2717443]but it was because they didn’t ask anything about Justin Beiber.[/QUOTE] If you want to know more about that, go to and press: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

13/13 and I think I may even have answered the Gender, Age, Edumacation questions correctly, but they didn’t list the correct results for those so I cannot say for sure.

I got all 13 correct, but then again most of the questions indeed cover I learned in secondary school.

If this was a quiz about celebrities, politics, films, etc. like at a table quiz, I’ll sure I’ll be one of 7% to get the least questions correct.

Pretty easy quiz, even for a girl. :stuck_out_tongue:
Scored 13 and like most, I remember this from secondary school.

Apparently 50 to 40 years ago the US education system was doing a better job.
I don’t have the statisics but I think with all the side money spent on the education system included . More money is spent to run it than anything else including the military. That includes groups of large corporations automotive manufactur for example. Pretty sad we turn out uneducated students.
If you had an calculator in math class the teacher would confiscate it.
I had to use the gray one I came with. Maybe that has something with the ability to do simple math.
Anyone else watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno ?
The ones where they do the questions on the street.
It amazes me the wrong answers they get & especially from what are young college students.

This was really simple. Hard to believe only 7% get it right here in the US.

You know I’m not making an excuse for scoring low but back when I went to school it wasn’t something I was goin to use,my dad was a drunk and I was lucky to pass high school.Any job I got was a labor job.
First I stock shelves in a store than a steel plant and than a forklift driver ,never had to be educated to work. I think in the U.S. there were a labor force that didn’t need to be book smart,and I could have cheated and said I got a 13.:bigsmile:

Doug , with all the medicine you have to take for PD I think you did well.

I’m just a HS grad myself . The schooling I got after that was trade school so no college . Probably the reason I got them all is I’ve always been good at science & math .

The overwhelming majority of recent high school graduates here in the USA can’t name the three branches of government, the number of justices on the US Supreme court or just the basics covered by the US Constitution. They know even less about geography, current events of importance and basic science knowledge.

I have a niece and a nephew of the same age. They grew up in the same small town. One went to public school and the other went to private school through the 11th grade. The one that went to private school had a much broader range and depth of knowledge after graduating than the other. This opened up my eyes long ago regarding the state of our public education system.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2717455]This was really simple. Hard to believe only 7% get it right here in the US.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, that. Maybe he meant 7% of [I]Internet Journalists[/I]…:rolleyes: