Do you know if TYG03 print surface is better than TYG02?

Just one question, want to buy new DVD media and I’m not very happy with TYG02 print surface (was to rough and printout don’t look as sharp as I was expecting). I want to know if someone know if TYG03 print surface is better (more glossy type as Ritek)


G03 and G02 printables in the USA have the same surface. If you adjust your printer driver appropriately, you should not see any difference in “sharpness” or color or contrast. All these things are adjustable. Suggest you set up a profile for your printer just for the TY. The single biggest mistake people make with photo printers is in using the default settings.

I’m guessing you have an Epson printer, they seem to generate a few complaints about the TY surface. With my Canon, and with appropriate adjustments, I see no difference between the various media brands. But then I’ve wasted a good dozen discs on getting the settings right.

Canon has settings for “vivid photo” and ECM that really make a difference. I also bump the color intensity a little on top of that.

Yes a have Epson R200. I will check in the settings to see if it’s possible to do some adjustements. Which Canon did you use?, I’m curious because I was not happier with my epson (Ink cost and DVD Tray jammed) and I have checked with Canon product but I have not seen any printer in North America with ‘print on DVD’ capacity…

you can get a new tray from epson for about 10 pounds or 20 dollars, and about the ink, theres always a continuous ink flow system you can get for it.

I use a UK model of the IP4000 for disc printing. It allows me to select the media type and adjust settings the same as for any photo paper. I’m not sure if the UK models can still be bought in the USA. But even with photo papers, you really do need to adjust your setting to get the best results. Getting top-quality results with default settings only happens by accident. I use a saved profile for my preferred photo paper, and another one for discs. I’ve heard that the Epsons are not as flexible for selecting media types and settings, but I’ve never used one.

You can also use Photoshop to adjust your label images and improve your color matching and intensity that way.

I have heard of some people having problems with TYG03 printables.
When it comes to laminating but also printing with very cheap ink.

Also TYG03 is in most cases not as good as supported as TYG02.

So I would suggest picking TYG02 over TYG03. Only advantage is that I’ve seen less bonding problems with TYG03.

No one has yet posted any 1st-hand experience of any bonding problems with anything but old TY G00/G01 media. I’ve yet to see one person report any such problems with G02. Unless you call being able to pry a disc apart with a screwdriver “a problem”. I don’t.

Bonding problems are there with all TY media so far.


Now you posted in that topic but didn’t seem to have even read the post that started it.

Also I’ve had one piece of TYG02 which had a large airbubble under them because of the crappy bonding.
Luckilly this one was easy to replace unlike all the crappy disc’s from which I know that the diffusionrate of water/air will be higher and for that reason perform worse and that there not reliable for long time archiving.

So it’s there from personell experience and the reports of respected sources.

Last point TYG00 media doesn’t exist you mean TAIYOYUDEN 2x DVD-R. The MID is TAIYOYUDEN.

And some other evidence that TY screwed up.
If you have C’t test 14/2005 and know who uses what dye pigments isn’t the – for stability incase of TYG02 suprising.

Summary of C’t test 14/2005 can be found at.

One whole piece? Wow, that’s a real problem. The real problem is a few people repeatedly posting rumors and links to rumors and links to links of rumors.

Inducing disc separation does not prove anything, and any such “tests” are flawed and meaningless. Given the many thousands of users of TY discs, any real problem would have long since been obvious by widespread reports of separations. Such reports do not exist. Instead what we have are a few people deliberately separating discs and claiming that there’s a “bonding problem”.

There may well have been a limited problem at one point, although there’s certainly no evidence of multiple reports of failures or separations.


My workplace uses Taiyo Yuden TYG02 for duplication purposes, in combination with a Microboards Print Factory, and Print Factory II professional inkjet printer. What prompted my earlier post on CDFreaks is that I found out that the person who handles all the duplication and printing had NOT been reporting the fact that he was having problems with discs seperating, although it had become more of a problem over the last year or so. No, it’s not every single disc coming apart, but it has become a problem that is no recognized as not unusual for him to run into. The print surface is another thing entirely. A side from it being completely inferior to RiData Hub Printable 8x DVD-R in terms of looks (not burn quality!!), it also takes longer to dry, and is bumpy. With TYG03 the problems are often even worse, and there seems to be a lot of problems with laminating the discs with a Primera Accent Laminator. So far, our best guess is that maybe the TYG03 media is slightly warped, causing the laminator to fail. The surface type looks exactly the same between TYG02 and TYG03, but it’s hard to be 100% certain.

And FYI, my workplace goes through hundreds of thousands of TY discs yearly.

Agree with you, Ritek Print surface cannot be compare with TYG02 (much better), as I can see the problem seem to be probably worst with TYG03, i have decided to give a try to verbatim MCC3, it seem to work fine with LG 4163B burner and the print surface seem better, I hope they will have same burn quality than TYG02 media.

Don’t be so sure about that. On a board where TY is revered as a god, many people hesisate to post any negative comments and experience with TY discs. The same has happened with Ritek sometime ago. The first people posting their bad experiences with G04/G05 were made fun of, just like you’re making fun of those members who report bonding problems with TY discs. Which doesn’t prove anything, agreed, it’s [I]not[/I] my point.

Further, when experiencing something as peculiar as a disc falling apart when pulling it off from a DVD case, one won’t tend to blame it on the disc quality, even less so if it’s a Taiyo Yuden disc. Just to comfort their beliefs, people will report problems with CMC, Ritek, Optodisc etc… but will avoid reporting such problems with TY (and/or MCC) because it would endanger their comfortable beliefs, or make them look like iconoclasts on this board (and many others).

Personally I appreciate very much that [B]Dakhaas[/B] and [B]Dolphinius_Rex[/B] voice some doubtful comments about the almightiness of TY. And considering their background, I wouldn’t think they’re just playing a “rumors” game. I’m not saying they’re right, once again it’s [I]not[/I] my point.

As a sidenote, CDan, I’d appreciate if you’d try to be a little less ironic, thanks. :slight_smile: