Do you know a Firmware for the BENQ DR1 DVD+R recorder?



Hi guys

On my DVD Strand Alone Recorder Named Kansas DVXR-04

there is a BENQ DR1 DVD-R Burner Drive (record in x12 on DVD+RW and DRV+RW).
The DVD Burner doesn’t work well, temperature is too hot :confused: .(sometime destroy my DVD+R media )

I would like to update the FW version of the Benq DR1

I suppose that the BENQ DR1 Drive is OEM Version of BENQ DVD Recorder but I do not know what is the real Name ?

What Firmware can I use (dw1600 ? or dw1640 or others)

Please advice

Best Regards

French man.


I doubt that it can burn at these speeds and also that you can just use an firmware from a optical computer drive.


Have you tried contacting the manufaturer for a firmware upgrade? Many settop manufacturers offer updates but you may have to call or email them first. The large first-tier manufaturers (Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc) produce their own drives so updates are controlled by them. Some of the lesser known companies use off the shelf drives that can be taken out and flashed in your pc, simply because it saves $$.

You could open up the recorder and see what make/model drive is used,as long as you don’t mind voiding your warranty.