Do you keep your test disks?

I keep my test disks created with Nero CD Speed “create data disk”. I have only around 100 of them. I know some has hundreds or thousands.

Yep, I think it is always good to keep these. Maybe we will have better testing methods available in the future, so we can re-test more accurately.

I have a couple thousand sitting here, don’t ask me why. :o

A couple thousand - Dear GoD!

Assuming a minimum of $.30/per that is a lot of $$$

About 1/2 are CDR’s.

Do you actually burn something other than test disks? How many percent?

I’ve burned around 700 dvds only and about 15% of them are test disks.

I burn very few test discs these days. Since I went over to the dark side and got a couple NEC burners, the need for testing has dropped considerably. :wink:
I burn maybe 8 DVD’s a week these days, movies mostly and a lot of those on RW discs.

I think I might have burned a few hundred just on testing this POS LiteOn burner before I gave up on using it to burn anything, But then I was testing on it before most people knew it was around and the firmware was pretty crude.

Quite a sad story. :frowning:

I’ve kept every disc, CD and DVD, I’ve ever burned (except for those given away to friends and family)… even including all coasters. Don’t know why, because I’ve never gone back to them.

I usually keep them a few days in case I need retesting - then I throw them away.

If I had kept all test discs I’ve written it would have been quite a pile. I’m guessing it’s around 4000-5000 discs tast discs that I’ve written the last 1,5 years.

By test discs, what I normally do is have 1 movie, and burn it. I then scan, I keep all the discs, so I must have about 40 copies of this movie now.

Ben :slight_smile:

i didn´t store the test discs, scan it and store only *.png of scan. so i save more space on my table. :iagree:

What u mean with test discs?!?!?

pirate :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :bigsmile:

i don’t bother with test disks
if it don’t work i try again and through the other one away
the only time i do atest disk is when using decent cd’s and use a cd-rw to test then erase

I have quite a bit of tests discs and I am now having a hard time finding empty spindles to store them in…

My test discs and burned discs always get mixed up so after a while i bin then.
Sometimes i will save a jpeg to post on some of the forums but now using a NEC and good media i dont test so much…