Do you intend to buy more DVD writers?

Well … blu-ray & HD-DVD are here … very expensive, but here.

At this point in time, nearly everyone (at cdfreaks) has DVD writers coming out of the wazoo, and media too :wink:

I’d expect Blu-ray & HD-DVD writers to be at nerdy prices mid next year & within two years … on the verge of affordable to the masses.

I currently have 6 DVD writers (excluding the sigots), all 16x speed and have no intention of buyng more (even if one fails), as I’d prefer to spend the money for a new format burner.
18x burners have minimal speed advantage over 16x … and 16x has dubious burn quality at full speed …

I have enough 8x and 16x media to last another 12 months …

So, do you intend to purchase more DVD writers, despite their foresee-ably limited useful life?

Sad, but i can’t resist buying as many new drives as i can, even though i have way to many to use.

Very good question!

I just bought a new drive and will be buying 3 more with in the next couple weeks so I should be set for a while as far as plan old dvd burners go.

The thing that always bugs me about this stuff is I have a rather large collection or “regular” DVD’s, around 500. Now with blue ray and HD DVD out, at some point and time, regular DVD’s will become like VHS is now. When you figure each DVD cost $18 on average when they first came out :eek: I really hate to think of the converting I will have to do to be “up to the times”! Granted I don’t HAVE to replace all my regular DVD’s with blue ray or HD DVD’s, but it still sucks when you think about it!

Unfortunately, I’m the same :o


My Plextor PX-712A is going bad (random PIE/PIF mountains when burning) so I might have an excuse to buy a new Plextor drive soon, in order to be able to continue scanning media on a Plextor drive. :frowning:

With the hoops they make people jump through in order to scan with non-Plextor software, I can’t say I’m thrilled at sending money their way, but the available selection of trustworthy scanners is limited, so…

And besides, I got me some more PL-3507 USB/FW enclosures…

Having just got a Lite-On, I think I’m set for a long time now. My new iMac has a new drive, I still have my BenQ 1620 and 1640’s, so I’m in good shape.

But I do have to say, with drives in the $30 USD range, they are hard to resist.

If I do end up getting one, it may just be another Lite-On, as they seem to be in the lead in terms of features and value right now.

Sorry to hear that :(…my beloved LG4163B is going exactly the same way :frowning:

(Hmmm…now there’s an excuse to buy a new drive!)

That’s a shame. :frowning:

The only upside is that drives have become less expensive since we bought our first drives. Unfortunately the quality control seems to have suffered also, if my own experience with bad drives is to be taken seriously.

Mine too!

And to say it’s had light use would be an understatement … I’d be surprised if it’s written more than a single 50 spindle of various discs :a:a (It’s been in the linux server for 8 months, which I rarely burn anything on).

I’ve only bought about 400 discs in the last 2 years & I’ve still got an unopened 100 spindle of TYG02, and most of a cakebox of TYG02, approx 20-30 of TYG01’s & TYG03’s and 2.5 x 50 spindles of el-cheapy MCC04 media unwritten.

I had quite a pile of yamaha cdrw burners but over time I ended up with 3 that still work. Only two are still installed in systems.
Dvd writers, I currently own 2 nec 3520’s and just purchased my first ever plextor, the PX-760A and also ended up with a Pioneer 111D.

I don’t plan on getting anything else for a while …

i’ve just got one…who needs more than that…
it works great Benq 1640 no problems yet…so i guess if i get a new one it will be because this one takes a dive on me…

(doesn’t take much to please me, If it ain’t broke no need in fixing or adding to it )

If mine dies I’ll replace it. Unless I can get a freebie!!!

you should get a free one cause your a reviewer! :bigsmile:

I’ll drink to that …
Hell, as an aussie, I’ll drink to any damn occasional! Even a funeral becomes a pissup!

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Just bought a Lite-on external for the Vaio, and now about to replace the puckerood internal drive…with either a Pioneer or an NEC.
I´ll be back shortly…the shop is just around the corner so I´ll see what they can do!

(Time check: 6:55pm German time)

[B]Arachne[/B], do you want me to buy another LG GSA-4163B for you? :flower:

I think I’ll get myself another Litey (of the 18x series, it’s light years from my current Litey), but my first priority now is a new hard drive.

Time check 8:40pm
That´s not bad…
Walked to the store, bought an NEC ND-7550A and installed in my Vaio for €75 - saved €15 by installing it myself in the shop, and made dinner, coffee and a couple of posts, and popped MIB into the video player all in 1 hour 45 minutes.

What a nice offer :flower:

@Dean - hehe, wish I had a shop that sold drives around the corner.

On second thoughts, maybe not…I couldn;t resist the temptation! :eek:

Hehe…same store I bought the Lite-on at last week :cool:
Ok…guess I´m about well set up with drives for now
[U]The List[/U]
Vaio [B]NEC ND-7550A[/B]
External L[B]ite-on SHW 1635-S[/B]
Old feeble desktop has a [B]Plextor CD[/B](I forget which) and a newish [B]LG 4167B[/B]

That’s nowhere near enough :disagree: - you need a nice Samsung and/or LiteOn 18x drive to go with those :bigsmile: