Do you hold any cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc?

Anyone here also into trading cryptocurrencies? I hold small ammount (bought for about $50 each) of ETH, BAT, ADA and XLM

BAT has been bad ( :grinning:) buy for me, on all others I made up to 20% profit now, but much more on Ethereum.

My portfolio is here:

Other people here that trade and care to share portfolio and maybe we exchange tips?

Not anymore…december 2016,I wanted to buy bitcoin for $1000,but my ‘better half’ didn’t allow me …:disappointed_relieved:
The sneaky bstrd I am,I invested $100 without her knowledge.When I cashed about $1000 in december 2017 after the sale,she’s feeling sorry now for holding me back…:bigsmile: