Do you have too? Emulation!

Hey all. i’m from the USA and i just recenty bought jedi academy for the pc. All i want to do is burn a copy so i can install it in my son’s pc.

is there any way to burn it without the need for emulation? Can’t i just burn it and go? I understand the copyrite protection on it and all the pin and needles that comes with it, but isn’t there way to go without the need for emulation? please be patient with me i’m just starting out with this burning stuff. all i want to do is hang out and play with my kids. do i really need to layout another 50 bucks to lucas…for his game…LOL

thanks all in advance! :slight_smile:

What type of burner do you have and is it efm capable?

It’s a standard Dell cdrw HL-DT-STCD-RW GCE…i don’t know what a efm capable means???..sorry i’m new to this.:confused:

nannari shigai? :confused:

well with the right burner you can copy this game easy …in device manager it should list it all out …there are several programs you can use alcohol or blindwrite to name a few … just depends whom you ask i use blindwrite but that is just me

There’s a list of EFM capable drives here:

But I couldn’t see your Dell whatisthingmybob :slight_smile:

Shalakazam scoobydoo