Do you have to install 1.02 as well as 1.05 firmware for your drive to work properly?

Ok. i have 2 questions could someone please help me out.

  1. Do you have to install 1.02 as well as 1.05 firmware for your drive to work properly for my LG-GSA-H55N.

  2. Will my LG-GSA-H55N Drive be able to backup xbox360 games.

If possible id like a answer asap… Thanks everyone and especially to the Cdfreaks forum.

  1. you only need the latest firmware

  2. its not that simple to back-up 360 games, first you need either a modchip with dual firmware or flash modded firmware in your xbox 360. then you need samsung kreon drive to read 360 games. rest google to learn

Downloading latest firmware now… , I just didnt want to F**k up anything. And im aware that its not that simple but bit by bit i hope i can get it CDfreaks forums are helping me alot . Cheers

Okay question 3 lol :slight_smile:

Where can i get flash modded firmware, Or how do i do it myself?

Now 4 :wink:

is there flash modded firmware for my LG GSA-H55N?

you need modded firmware for the xbox 360 optical drive, that means you need to take the 360 apart, not for your LG drive.

use google

Yeah im not worried about the xbox at this time, im going to pay someone to mod it . Dont i need to still flash my LGdrive or is my dive no good, Ive used google and i found that you need to flash your drive to backup 360 games, Some DVD drives dont work ive spent houres looking at pages and i just want to get everything i need and working.

Im sorry nek you must think im a retard now, so i need to flash an xbox 360 samsung ms28 drive. so i have to connect that drive to my computer?