Do you have the same.....?




I´ve maked a few copys of DVD-R/RW and find that is not very good … :frowning: You can seen a lot of small squares around.Is it because of the media I used or the dvd burner? I use MEMOREX DVD-R/RW. I just wonder…I know it would be as clear as the original…but I thought should be better…Any advised or suggestion?


There could be MANY reasons why this is happening. If I recall you were playing with Shrink, right? Ok, so, did you try a full back up with menus and all? Did you use deep analysis mode? What was the compression percentage it came out to in Shrink? All these things matter. If the quality was less than 70% then you’ll see the issues you describe…but this all depends on the movie and how big it is. We’ll definitely need some more info to figure out why the quality isn’t what you expected.


Hi SamuriHL,

Nice to see you, AGAIN… :wink: Yes, I used Dvd Shrink and most of the time I used Full Back Up if it allowed me to fit into one disc. No, I did not use deep analysis mode, because I think it ´s take much more longer to finish the back up. Do you suggest I should use the deep analysis mode? Maybe I should try the deep analysis mode since now I know I still can used the net while I´m backing up a movie.


Compression percentage? Usually I don´t look at it… :o . Next time I will check it.


that is the MOST important part of shrinking.
deep analysis is a must!
shrink % on movie should not be more that 70% if you want the picture to be ok. i generally compress the extras to still pictures and the menus to custom ratio and move the slider all the way to the left. i also remove teh directors commentary and other audio streams to get the best compression %


Hi cnlson,

Thanks for the input…:wink: I never looks at the Compression, I always put it in autonmatic and I thought that the full disk can fit it why not back up the whole dvd…now I know and I will try that when I get home.Usaully I never look at the Extra in the dvd movies unless it´s a good movies like : Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones or the long waitting Star Wars… :slight_smile:



also on th extras when u compress them to stll pictures remeber to take out all of the sound the help have less compression on the movie


Stll pictures and no sound…? Well, I´ll take the whole Extra out, in that case…


Excellent advice you got there. The compression is definitely the most important issue. If you’re doing full disc backups, that is why the picture quality is bad. As cnlson said, try to remove as much unnecessary parts as possible. For me I only ever do movie only backups as I don’t care about the extras, menus, etc. Definitely remove all foreign language tracks as that’ll help with space. On some movies even doing a movie only gives me less than 70% at which point I switch to another method of backing up that involves reencoding the video rather than just transcoding. Also, deep analysis mode may take longer, but, it will provide infinitely better results. What it does(more or less) is analyze what scenes need a higher bitrate and what scenes can lower the bitrate without losing picture quality. The general rule of the thumb on backups is the longer it takes to back it up the higher the quality you’ll eventually get. My personal rule is that if I’m taking the time to back something up, I want it done right…so if it takes 4 hours to create the ISO backup file, so be it. In DVD Shrink’s case I’ve never seen it take more than 45 minutes even with deep analysis mode enabled. Also in a couple weeks a new version of DVD Shrink is coming out that will improve quality of the “harder” to back up movies so make sure you check that out when it’s released.


I’ve compressed up to 50% with deep analysis and have seen no noticeable differences in picture quality!
rdgrimes has also reported this in the past.

I don’t think your ‘70% guideline’ is accurate.


That is HIGHLY subjective and VERY dependant on the movie. In MY case I use 70% as my own personal guideline because I can get far better quality using another method. Some people have a higher tolerance for what is acceptable and what isn’t. Try doing any of the Lord of the Rings movies at 50% compression and tell me that you can’t see the difference between the original and backup. If you can’t, that’s great. A lot of people can. I’m definitely not trying to start an argument or say that you’re wrong at all. I’m simply saying that DVD backups are very subjective to the person who’s going to be watching them as to what’s acceptable or not. In my case 70% or higher is acceptable. Anything below that is not. That may not be the case for other people.


I did another test with the same movie that came out bad quality, this time I deleted all the extra and the compression percentagea are 91% and use deep analysis mode.It is really difference from the first copy I maked.Still a little bit squares thing in some part,not much but i think it also becauce the original one is not in a good condition anymore. But it works…thanks for the tips … :bow: :bow: :bow:


But if I want to keep the Extra I guess I have burn to another dics…:frowning: but,but if a movie I love like Lord of the rings or Star Wars or Indiana jones…I buy the original one … No Copy… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:


You could try ripping the original slower and see if that helps, but, I’m glad it came out better this time. 91% should give you a flawless copy especially when used with deep analysis mode. If the original is what’s causing the issues in the backup, ripping it at a slower speed MIGHT help read it better. Depending on what’s wrong with the original you can try cleaning it or if it has scratches there are things you can do about that, as well.


I’ll pretend I didn’t read that…you should always buy the original. Hence the word “backup”. :slight_smile:


Yes…I will try the slower speed with the same movie…but tomorrow…:slight_smile:


By the way any more tips…:slight_smile: How about the Dvd Decrypter ? Any good advised or good setting? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Hope i don´t ask too much, Do I?


Well, I use dvd decryptor differently than you do I think. I simply use ISO read mode and rip the entire DVD as an ISO image to my hard drive. No special settings. I then mount the image using Daemon Tools to process it. However, if I’m just doing DVD Shrink I don’t bother ripping it first. I just let DVD Shrink work off the original disc. I only do the ISO ripping if I need to process it with DVD2SVCD or DVD-RB. As for asking questions, that’s how we learn. Everyone has to start somewhere. I learned a lot by asking questions and reading as much as possible when I first started out, too. Don’t feel bad asking questions…if you don’t know something you need to know, it’s better to ask and learn than to remain ignorant.


well i think it depends on what kind of screen you are using to display it. when i take it over to my friends and put it on the DLP setup if you go much under 70% it is VERY noticable and when my 38" monitor dies that will be what i replace it with so i am planning ahead so i don’t have to start all over backing up my dvd collection.

i use dvd decrypter for dvds smaller than 4 gig and if i get crc errors when using shrink. shink’s read error algorithm is pretty weak and it fails on discs that are not all that bad so i use DD to rip to the hard drive and then shrink it back on to dvd from there.


Well, for me I rip it to File F with Dvd Decryptor and then burn it with Dvd Shrink. No Daemon Tools or another…Is that ok or there´re a better way? Is ISO better then File F,when you do the ripping with dvd decryptor?


Well, if you do file mode and then open that with Shrink it’s all good. I just make an ISO file and mount it with Daemon…I find it easier. But, if I’m using Shrink I just let it work directly with the DVD instead of ripping it first.