Do you have any scars, where, how, when?



Well as the thread title says: do you have any scars?
And if you have, will you share with us, where they are on your body and how they got there and when it happend?

I’ll go first.

I’ve got 3 on my right arm, parallel of each other.
A 80kg Great Dane and a 90kg New Foundlander where fighting with each other …………… I stept in between to separate them. :eek:
Reason: the little sister of my (at that moment) girlfriend was in between them.

I’ve got one underneath my left eyebrow.
When I was at holiday on Gran Canaria I was going to get some beer.
I jump from a table, had done it that night about 6 times already …………… but this time I had moved a bit to the left.
There was a nice hard wooden beam stuck to the ceiling there, jumped right at it with my head.
A Spanish nurse had to stitch me up ………………… no anaesthetica. :cool:

I had a third one, on the right side of my face but that has faded away during the years.
Got that one from a fight during new years eve with a couple of guys that had taken XTC and some other drugs … not a good way to start the new year. :bigsmile:


Are we talking surgerie scars or other??? I got one on my chin (hidden under my gotee). I jumped a bike off of some stairs, seperated from the bike, and went face first into the cement… I got one on my elbow, dumped my bike, landed on my elbow… Got one on my wrist, Knife fite (I’ll spare the details as they could get politcally incorect). There is some discoleration on my back (but I think it is mostlly goene now). Fell off a highway overpass cause I was drunk… I was suprised I didn’t shatter my hip (couldn’t move it well for a while), but the scar came from the giant scab that was on my back/hip where I landed and lost all the skin on the surface. The back of my ankle (steped wrong next to the trash can and gashed it open from a soup can lid). the funny thing was, the other foot was broken (was on crutches when I did it). I’ll tell yu the story about me walking through the snow bleeding later.
Ok now for surgerie. Three small scars on my knee (had half the cartilage removed but it was micro surgerie, you guys dont think that I would let them butcher my knee just to have an impresive scar did you?? 2 inch scar on my back (spinal surgrie (micro surgerie again so no big scar). Hernia (twice on one side so its a more ugly scar). Leser hernia scar on the other side.


3 deep razor cuts in prison some riot or somtin. (left shoulder top and right forarm in back)
stabbed by X girlfriend for leaving NY knife was meant for the neck but i saw it comin so raised arm and got it in the back of shoulder. (left shoulder top back)
knuckels on both hands scarred up from teeth.


A knife fight in prison, that pretty harsh. I have to admit that I haven’t been there. The worst I have had was a few weeks in a maximum security jail (third floor underground). I was 18 and actually pretty scared but what do you think I found? I walk into the cell block and what do I see? 6 of my best friends (at least I knew sombody cause I was prety scared). A couple of days earlier, I was at the house. The householders father was a gunsmith and he had several blackpowder kits. I bought one off of him cheap (he really didn’t like guns but I did). I was returning to shouw him how I built the gun (I was prety proud of it). So I spent the night partying there and then left. Aparentlly, about two hours after I left, the house was raided. They arrested everybody but only a few got serious charges. The worst was the dude I got the gun kit from. At the time, acid was aparentlly a problem and every hit was considered a count of atempted murder (this was in Utah). So not counting what he sucessfully destroyed, they charged him with 68 counts of atempted murder (no bullshit). Ray was in there also. I think that they had things backwards because knowing ray, he probly had more that 68 hits in his blood steam… Maximum security jail really sucks but I gues it beter if you know somebody, lol…


just one on my chin, got it when I was four years old… I bumped onto the phone or something.


man 68 hits the most i ever heard of in blood stream was 15 hits and that dude turned into a vegetable, he was hospitallized for like 6 months and had to be sedated so he could go to sleep because every time they tried to lay him down he thought he would spill because he was a glass of orange juice … this is no bullshit.

man UTAH ihat place is like swarmin with Mormons.


yes, all over, i don’t remember, throughout my life.

chicks dig scars :wink:


I think diffrent people react diffrentlly to acid. I have heard of people loosing it on not that much acid. A good friend of mine decided to cliff dive on three hits (granted it was 3 full hits of 4 way window pane), but I lost a good friend to that. Myself, this fucking american indian bastard (not that I have a problem with american indians but thats what he was) decided it would be funny to lace a half gallon of canadian host with about two sheets of liquid acid. So several people made mixed drinks out of the bottle, this chicks sister got a full coffee cup of it straight, and me and the girl drank more than half the bottle (and I drank more than her). You can guess the party went bad. Two of my friends tried to push me out of thier on a bicycle (we had cars so who knows about the bicycle). They obviouslly coudn’t move me (I keept falling off so when the cops came they ditched me). Do you want to know the true meaning of torture??? I was so fucked up I actually threw a few groan me across the room. I was in the hospital and yet nobody was able to get blood or urine from me. So I get the pleasure of getting taken home by my father (a hard ass, graduated from west point (both my parents did) so he’s always right. Ths was a point in my life (I was 17 but still deathly afraid of my father) (I was living with my mother). I fried for over a week in his custody (and I called it custody cause it was). You have no idea how fucked up it was frying for a week, and staying with him. The next morning, he brought me grocerie shopping, for 6 hours. I think his intention was to torture me like I was hung over (even I didn’t know it was acid till the blood tests came back on the girls that were arested). He dragged me through the grocerie store for six hours, but it felt like six months. I was so fucking parinoid, every second, I thought was going to loose it. Everybody WAS watching me and he god damn well knew it (he didn’t but I thought he did).
I’ll save you the rest of the details, but after that eppisode, we knew it was acid and we eventually found out who did it and what he did, and he was dealt with. I have never been able to fry since. I estimate that I took about a sheets worth of acid, and fryed for over a week. I mst be tolerant to it because my mind shoud have been fried from that. Unfortunatlly, the younger sister had more permanant efects even though she drank the least of the three of us. Last I knew (years ago), she was in and out of hospital care (psychiatric).


oh, we’re talking mental scars here too? :o

p.s. good liquid lsd (from a chem student at UC Humboldt) was the best drug i’ve ever done. probably helped that i was in the middle of the moab desert and not in the middle of NYC.


Not mental scars, just drunken rambling(cannot fry so I get drunk)…Lol…
Actually, I really havent used drugs more than rarlly for years. My drug of choice is alcohol and I’m not afraid to make a complete ass of myself doing it. I cannot fry (got over that years ago) but this story of part of my life came back to memory (thats what drunk people do) so I told you it). Boy will I b3e embarrised tommorow (but who gives a fuck, It’s not like I haent embarresed myself before, I mean come on, I like alcohol and had two decades of experience using it. I cannot count all the times I made an ass of myself on all your fingers. It’s beter than the alternative though. If I ever wnnt back to drugs (which I have no desire to do), It would be coke. It’s the only drug I could imagine myself really enjoying right now. and bla, bla ,bla…Just ignore my drunken ass.

I wish I could fry again, but it’s not gonna ever happen. Even if it could, I probably shouldn’t. My first son is on the way so I guess that I should be responsible (which is a stretch for me). Im content getting drunk and making an ass of myself.


i c that :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok so lets get back to physical scars. Sorry for fucking up the thread (I was drunk). When I was 13 or so and attending an alternative school, I was stabbed in the penis by a pencil and there is still a little black dot thier to date!!! (try and beat that one)!!! Ok so I don’t have any boring scars to bring the tone back down, so, my wife sliced her leg open nice and clean on the door to my antec plusview 1000. She has a nice little 1.5 inch scar just above her knee.


None, my face has always been a mess.


I was an Auto Glazier and glass cutter for Ten years, I got countless cuts and stitches, just counting both hands about 18 requiring stitches, two cuts on my arm, from sheet glass, one on my leg from a dropping sheet of glass, bastard nicked my main artery, fortunately for me an allcare medical centre was just up the road. In the end I started carrying Loctite 401 prism, which is similar to what they give the army boys to glue themselves back together. Had my appendix out too, thats a nice one. I just count myself lucky they were accident inflicted, not human.


I also have a few scars on my heart. :sad:

@ripit, stop posting while you’re drunk! :cop:


Sorry bout that. I’m still trying to peice togehter what happened last night (narrowly avoided some trouble with the wife).


That sounds really, really friggin painfull. Arn’t glass cuts sharp and clean and thierfore mega painfull (like a mega paper cut)? Dont want to stay closed and such?


That sounds really, really friggin painfull. Arn’t glass cuts sharp and clean and thierfore mega painfull (like a mega paper cut)? Dont want to stay closed and such?
When I cut my leg I didnt know for a few seconds, it was the wet gushing sensation that gave it away. Freshly cut it doesnt hurt, sometimes you dont feel it at all, but yea the healing process, is very painful. The worst is some of the cuts in my hands still had fragments of glass in them at the time, glass is the only form of splinter that your body wont reject and try to push out. Many times my ex girlfriend would freak out with me at home in the backyard with a razorblade, opening up cuts to remove glass schrapnel, then sterilise and glue.


Livin’ in Spain. Gonna visit the fam in Canada for Xmas, going to bed at midnight gotta wake up to be at the airport for 5:30 and my girlfriend notices reddish-white bubbles on my neck and back. Cancelled flight, and Xmas. 3 weeks later, I got 2mm holes on 4 diff. parts of my face…and I didn’t scratch. Sucks arse.


scars on hand from a 100mph car crash