Do you have a modded console?

Do you have a gaming console? If so, is it modded? What chip do you use? And what do you do with your modded console?

I haven’t got a PS2 yet sniff. But I have a modded PS1. Don’t know what chip it is as it was given to me. I use it for…well what the hell are they meant for? Lol. That’s what I use it for. But I recently got a present from someone in America…problem is I have a PAL tv and PS… I can’t play it, or can I? One of you GODs out there have to know a way! (PS I only have a ANT plug - no RGB/SCART)

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I use it for…well what the hell are they meant for? Lol.

My apologies, you understood me wrong (or I should have been more clear ;))… what I meant was “what do you use your modchip for, except for playing your back upped games”. I ask this because the modchip can turn consoles (especially the XBOX, but the PS2 as well) into all-round systems that even can work as a very nice webserver…

PS2 version 7 mobbed with a MESSIAH 2 chip for backup games only…DVD ±R verbatim discs used for DVD and also verbatim cdr.

I have an all Japanese Ceramic White PS2 with the Magic v5 modchip. I have a network adapter, as well as the Linux kit :).

You all are missing out on Gran Turismo 4! The Prologue anyways…but mostly it’s my normal console and DVD player for my room.

I got a clear PSX with a mod chip in it used to play backup games.
It was cool in it’s time. All clear case (you can see the CD spinning), all clear controllers and memory card (15 in 1) to match. :smiley:

XBOX with the best damn modchip there is.

Total specs :

Hardware :

2 Shock Controllers
DVD Remote + Dongle Region 2
120GB Samnsung Harddisk 8mb cache
Standard Xbox dvd player
ATA 100 rounded EIDE cable
2 8MB memory sticks

Firmwares :

Evolution X Red (Selectable via jumer settings)
Evolution X Blue (Selectable via jumer settings)
Evolution X Orange (Selectable via jumer settings)
Xecuter2 (Selectable via jumer settings)
Cromwell (Selectable via jumer settings)
Standard bios (mod chip can be either turned on or off) : Very convenient for playing on Xbox Live :slight_smile:

Dashboard :

Evolution X

Applications :

Xbox Media Centre
DVDx2 (dongle free , region free)
Lots of emulators , MAME , NES , Sega , Atari2600 ,Lynx , Gba , etc
and many many many more apps